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Zelda Every Version Of Lon Lon Ranch & How Its Changed

Near the center of multiple versions of Hyrule is Lon Lon Ranch owned and operated by Talon and Malon although its never the exact same. Every version of Lon Lon Ranch that has appeared in The Legend of Zelda & how it has changed between games Hyrule has been recycled through over three decades of The Legend of Zelda taking on different forms with recurring locations in each games iteration. Lon Lon Ranch isnt exactly a staple of the series but is a well known and recognizable location. Always somewhere near the center of Hyrule Kingdom Lon Lon Ranch is the quintessential example of quaint rural life for a Hylian and while its depiction remains consistent compared to other Zelda landmarks it does have some variation in each of its appearances.

Lon Lon Ranch is always owned and operated by Talon and Malon a father daughter duo that is usually involved in a side quest pertaining to the ranch itself or its animals. Talon appears to be a single parent but Malons mother is important to Ocarina of Time even though she never appears in any Zelda game. The ranch is almost always known throughout Hyrule for the milk produced by its cows but the horses reared by Talon and Malon are usually more integral to the gameplay.

Lon Lon Ranch appears definitively in just three Legend of Zelda games Ocarina of Time Four Swords Adventures and The Minish Cap. This means it hasnt been a named location in a Zelda game since 2004 when the latter two games released on the GameCube and Game Boy Advance respectively. There is however a location called Ranch Ruins in Breath of the Wild located right where one would expect Lon Lon Ranch to be before the Second Great Calamity left Hyrule in ruins for a hundred years.

Lon Lon Ranch First Appeared In Ocarina Of Time
Lon Lon Ranch first appeared in Ocarina of Time where Link gets Epona Lon Lon Ranchs original iteration is by far its most robust both in design and importance to its games narrative. Ocarina of Times Lon Lon ranch is located in the direct center of Hyrule Field walled atop a hill. The large entry gate leads right to Talon and Malons home which is situated across the pathway from the barn. In the center of the ranch is large paddock where the ranchs horses graze. Another structure a tower apparently used to store hay and crated goods stands on the far side of the ranch opposite the house and barn.

When Link comes to Lon Lon Ranch as a child before being locked away in Ocarina of Times Spirit Realm for seven years he can meet Malon in the paddock to learn Eponas Song which attracts the young mare when played. Talon can also be found tending the Cuccos in the barn and will reward Link with an empty bottle if he can find three prized Super Cuccos in a flock of the birds. Additionally both Talon and Malon will be found near Hyrule Castle where Talon has gone to deliver milk. Once Link finds Talon outside and wakes him from a deep slumber the player will push Lon Lon Ranch crates into the castles moat so that the drainage pipe to get inside the gardens can be reached.

Although Ocarina of Times practically useless Hyrule Castle is replaced by Ganondorfs Castle once Link emerges from the Spirit Realm Lon Lon Ranch still stands albeit under new ownership. Players looking to ride Epona will return to what is now being called Ingos Ranch. Talons spiteful former employee was given the ranch by Ganondorf where Malon still works to protect the horses from Ingos wrath. Talon can be found in Kakariko Village essentially living in exile. Once the player has acquired Epona Lon Lon Ranch returns to its previous state now with Malon at the helm who tells Link that her father will be returning soon.

Players Escort Malon To Lon Lon Ranch In Four Swords Adventures
Lon Lon Ranch is part of The Field level in Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures
Lon Lon Ranch is seen briefly in Four Swords Adventures and is even a part of the games main path. The underrated Zelda multiplayer game sees players rescuing six maidens across Hyrule in order to restore the seal holding back the evil sorcerer Vaati. In one of the levels that take place in Hyrule Field players encounter Malon who was running errands before being threatened by castle guards who have succumbed to the chaos spreading across the kingdom. Players then escort Malon back to Lon Lon Ranch where Talon is waiting for her. As a reward for protecting his daughter Talon shows the four Links how to use carrots and summon Lon Lon Ranchs horses.

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