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Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 has more mysteries to solve than what is happening with Link

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild has a sequel on the way, but the sequel’s story isn’t entirely clear. Naturally, it will pit Link and Zelda against the dark forces that threaten Hyrule once again, but those forces have not been defined. Resurgent Malice and Ganondorf’s possible corpse suggest that Ganon is out for revenge, but Nintendo has yet to confirm Ganon as the antagonist in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2. Furthermore, Link himself seems to have mysteries of his own to solve. A strange magical force seems to have taken hold of one of his arms revealing much like questions about his condition and his fate.

Most likely, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 will linger on all these questions in its own way. The true antagonist of Breath of the Wild 2 may remain a mystery for some time, which means Link will be forced to search for answers about his enemy while he tries to uncover the truth about his enemy. Ideally, these won’t be the only things Breath of the Wild 2 will discuss. The original Breath of the Wild introduced a lot of mysteries that remain unanswered and at least some of them should play a big role in the sequel. whatever the paper.
The remaining mysteries of Breath of the Wild

There are many places in the world of Breath of the Wild that raise questions. For example, many fans wonder why Mount Agaat, a mountain west of the Gerudo Desert, appears on the world map even though Link cannot travel there. Some speculated that it would appear in a Breath of the Wild DLC, but it has yet to find a purpose. Typhlo Ruins also raises many questions thanks to its permanent cloak of darkness and iconography that connects it to the lost Zonai tribe. There’s also the island of Mekar, which has a variety of strange features, but no clear purpose other than its name, which alludes to The Wind Waker’s Korok character Makar.

In addition to the locations, there are also several possible characters that could have an impact on the game. The aforementioned Zonai tribe, also known simply as the barbarian tribe, falls into this category. They may not appear in Breath of the Wild, but it’s entirely possible that this lost civilization is hidden rather than destroyed. It looks like leviathans could also play a role in Breath of the Wild 2. While it’s unclear if these long-dead beasts were ever sentient, their past impact on Hyrule has yet to be made explicit. Breath of the Wild 2 could also. take advantage of the mysterious eighth Gerudo heroine who is separated from her seven companions for unknown reasons.

In addition to these Breath of the Wild-specific aspects, the upcoming sequel has broader questions about Zelda history to address. For example, one wonders if Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity will have any canon impact on Breath of the Wild 2 considering how different that game’s plot is from Breath of the Wild canon. BotW2 should also address the Triforce, which is mysteriously absent from this part of the Zelda timeline, as well as why Hylia has returned to prominence as a Hylian god while Hyruec’s plan is god of the Hanido. Breath of the Wild not only overhauled Zelda’s gameplay formula, but also contributed a ton of new questions and mysteries to the franchise’s lore.
Possible stories of Breath of the Wild 2

All signs suggest that Link will study a new foe as he tries to gain new mastery over a mysterious new power in Breath of the Wild 2. That’s great, but BotW’s sequel shouldn’t get bogged down in the main. The original BotW was a huge success in part because there was so much to discover for fans going off the beaten path. Players can wander in almost any direction and eventually find an Ancient Shrine, an NPC in need, or a powerful enemy to fight. Breath of the Wild 2 needs that same sense of discovery to live up to the hype and might struggle to capture that feeling if it focuses too much on its core plot.

Ideally, Breath of the Wild 2’s new floating islands will be packed with side quests and boss battles to keep Zelda fans entertained, but beyond that, knowing landmarks a second chance. The physical turmoil brewing in Hyrule is bound to unfold.

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