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Zelda Becomes The Blade of Hylia In Stunning Elden Ring Malenia Art

An Elden Ring fan has recently graced the internet with a unique illustration that combines The Legend of Zeldas titular character with Malenia. Zelda Becomes The Blade of Hylia In Stunning Elden Ring Malenia Art
A new piece of Elden Ring fan art combines the bestselling From Software game with The Legend of Zelda to create a stunning alternate depiction of Malenia. As one of the games most notoriously difficult bosses Malenia has inspired countless Elden Ring cosplays and fan art pieces that lean into her intriguing lore and striking appearance. Even before Elden Ring was released Malenia struck a chord with gaming audiences thanks to her unique look Malenia boasts vibrant red hair a prosthetic arm and a golden winged halfhelm setting her apart from many traditional fantasy game icons. Upon Elden Rings release Malenia took on a different kind of legacy as she soon became known as not only one of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring but as one of the most difficult bosses in any From Software game. Malenias astoundingly difficult boss fight has proven to unite the fanbase against her with Elden Ring player Let Me Solo Her becoming famous for assisting other players in the battle against the Goddess of Rot through the games coop system.

Although the two share very few similarities an artist going by the handle Automatic Giraffe recently shared a piece of fan art depicting Princess Zelda as Malenia. The illustration was shared with the caption Zelda Blade of Hylia a play on Malenias full title Malenia Blade of Miquella. Apart from the title the piece includes a halfhelm that is similar to the one worn by Malenia only with adornments and decorations consistent with other pieces of Zelda iconography. The dress that Zelda wears in the piece is also reminiscent of Malenias outfit as it is tattered with a fur collar similar to Malenias. The drawing even features prosthetic limbs for Zelda.

This character seems to be a popular subject for fan art as it was only recently that an Elden Ring 2D pixel art piece gained popularity by showing what Malenia might look like in a retro side scroller. The one of a kind appearance boasted by Malenia alongside her complex backstory as a child of Radagon and Marika seem to have made her a character that has stuck with many players particularly those with artistic inclinations. Even amidst so many other pieces of Maleniathemed fan art this Zelda mashup piece certainly stands out. Automatic Giraffes ability to take Malenias iconic look and adapt it to a famous character like Zelda is definitely unique and is sure to impress both fans of The Legend of Zelda and Elden Ring.

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