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Zaijian Jaranilla’s flawless dramatic performances in The Broken Marriage Vow

Zaijian Jaranilla just keeps getting better and better at acting that he shines even in drama heavy scenes with seasoned actors like Jodi Sta Maria and Zanjoe Marudo in The Broken Marriage Vow. Be amazed by his most flawless deeply moving performances via this episode of Kapamilya Update. We begin the countdown with Gio Zaijians confrontation with Doc Jill Jodi about rules. Teenage Gio felt trapped in his mothers strict parenting whereas his father David Zanjoe and mistress turned legal wife Lexy Sue Ramirez allows him to break the rules. It was the start of his rebellious phase looking at Jill as the bad cop. But at some point Gio was unbiased and smart. He realized Jills sacrifices and the weight of Davids betrayal having been a witness to his fathers violence. In a tearjerker scene he mellowed down the raging emotions to apologize to Jill who was then confined in a hospital due to Davids physical assault.

Zaijian is an expert at crying scenes proven by his reaction to Lola Marina Susan Africas passing. Hes so good at it that his tears are enough to paint anguish. There was a scene where he quietly grieved over his father leaving for another woman. While he didnt verbalize the pain Zaijians no dialogue acting showed believable agony. Back to his mastery of dramatic confrontations the next scene witnessed Zajians confrontation with Zanjoe. The character Gio despised his dad and pointed out his mistakes.

The video montage cuts to another heavy confrontation between Gio and Jill. The young son exploded with his emotions distraught at being told what to do and feel and how his mom makes the already tortuous setup even more complicated. The last scene witnessed Gio coming home to Jill who was beaten up David. Internalizing anger and angst Zaijian could have turned out hysterical but his take on Gios emotions was fit for the moment. There was rage in the way he confronted David then it shifted to pity as he looked at the helpless Jill.

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