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Young Sheldon: Mary Is To Blame For Missy’s Tragic Big Bang Theory Fate

CBS Young Sheldon is suggesting that Mary Zoe Perry is to blame for Missys Raegan Revord tragic fate in The Big Bang Theory. Sheldons Jim Parsons mom and sister were the first members of the Cooper family to appear in the nerd centric sitcom. But while Marys appearance established her close relationship with the socially inept genius Missys cameo highlighted how different her life was from Sheldons. Mary appeared regularly throughout The Big Bang Theorys 12 seasons. Missy on the other hand despite being referenced a handful of times didnt return to Pasadena until Sheldon and Amys wedding in The Big Bang Theory. In the decade in between her appearances Missy had undergone several changes in her life. That included getting married and having a kid with another one on the way. Unfortunately as her twin was on the brink of starting a marriage hers was near its tail end. It did seem however that Missy had accepted the reality of her situation.

Not much was revealed about Missys husband or the kind of relationship they had. But during her final The Big Bang Theory it was clear that she was ready to move on and push forward with their separation as if their marriage had long ended. Mary on the other hand was in denial trying to make it seem like their relationship was still salvageable. Going back a couple of decades earlier in Young Sheldon Marys worries about Georgies Montana Jordan predicament as a soon to be young father suggests that she could be to blame for Missys miserable married life in The Big Bang Theory. As seen in the ongoing CBS ongoing comedy Mary is more than willing to ignore red flags to keep up with appearances. Its possible that Missy wouldve left her husband a long time ago if it wasnt for her moms meddling.

Its clear both in The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon that Mary and Missy dont have the best relationship. The pair typically bickers in the spin off with Mary having the tendency to underestimate her daughter while Missy has a penchant for antagonizing her mother. Just in Young Sheldon season 5 episode 19 while she and Sheldon Iain Armitage discussed the possibility of their parents divorcing Missy chooses to live with George Lance Barber instead of joining her twin with their mom. Unfortunately with Georges nearing death she wont have a choice but to stay close to Mary. Unfortunately per The Big Bang Theory it doesnt seem like the Cooper family tragedy will bring them closer. Missys life may be in shambles when she last appeared on The Big Bang Theory but CBS has revealed what happens to her beyond that. In a previous Young Sheldon episode adult Sheldons narration reveals that she eventually lives a happy life. While the voice over confirmed that she gets more kids there was no mention of her love life.

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