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Young Sheldon Justifies Missy’s Tragic Big Bang Theory Fate

CBS justifies Missys Raegan Revord tragic The Big Bang Theory fate via Young Sheldon. In its 12 year run Sheldons Jim Parsons family appeared on The Big Bang Theory including his twin sister who Leonard Johnny Galecki and the rest of the Pasadena gang were surprised to learn wasnt anything like their socially inept genius friend. Despite Missys cheery demeanor and street smarts she was still the least successful Cooper sibling at least in the traditional sense.Missy only appeared on The Big Bang Theory twice. The first time was in season 1 when everybody met her. It wasnt until a decade later that she would return for the wedding of Sheldon and Amy Mayim Bialik. There were several times that she was referenced in between her cameos but despite her minimal involvement in the nerd centric sitcom she clearly made an impression on viewers. Now that shes a main player in Young Sheldon CBS capitalizes on that by giving Missy her own storylines.

While Sheldon Iain Armitage has been busy settling in college at East Texas Tech his twin has been occupied with more stereotypical teenage experiences. Missy goes through her first heartbreak and even gets her own room. In Young Sheldon season 5 episode 18 titled Babies Lies and a Resplendent Cannoli she has started doing part time jobs including babysitting for Pastor Jeffs Matt Hobby newborn. Unfortunately the only reason she is even interested in the gig is that her peer Heather M. Sophia Coto has done it. This emphasizes that Missy remains to be a follower instead of being her own person she is more interested in trying to fit in by copying someone else. This is the biggest difference between her and her brothers. Both Sheldon and Georgie are set on their ways knowing who they are and what they want. They focus on achieving their own goals and do not let other peoples actions or words influence them.

Not much has been revealed about Missys life after The Big Bang Theory but the show established that out of the three Cooper siblings she was the most unfulfilled both personally and professionally. While Sheldon worked to be a Nobel Prize winning physicist and Georgie built his business Mr. Tire Missy spent her time in a miserable marriage. Her last known work was being a hostess at Fuddruckers and although she didnt seem to have that much of a problem with that based on her potential as clearly showcased on Young Sheldon she couldve gotten a more fulfilling job. Despite not being as intellectually gifted as Sheldon or savvy as Georgie Missy had street smarts high EQ and charm. She could have chosen anything to do professionally and the chances are that she would have succeeded if only she learned to focus on herself instead of working so hard to be someone else. While Missys life isnt as eventful as Georgies or Sheldons she has a really tough arc ahead of her in Young Sheldon. Among all three Cooper kids shes the closest to George who per The Big Bang Theory is only a couple of years away from his death. Its unclear if CBS will continue the prequel sitcom beyond that but if it does expect Missy to take the tragedy very hard.

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