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Young Sheldon Continues To Dunk On Penny & Leonard’s Happy TBBT Ending

CBS continues to dunk on Penny Kaley Cuoco and Leonards Johnny Galecki The Big Bang Theorys happy ending through Young Sheldon. Sheldons Jim Parsons two best friends also became The Big Bang Theorys original romantic pairing. Naturally everyone was rooting for them as the nerd centric sitcom neared its end. But almost three years since The Big Bang Theorys finale Young Sheldon is exposing just how problematic Penny and Leonards ending was.Uneven storytelling was a recurring problem especially in the final season of The Big Bang Theory. Instead of focusing on the ensemble it devoted much of its time to Sheldons story. It also introduced a secondary plotline that centered on Penny and Leonards conflict about having kids. Leonard was always keen on having children but Penny wasnt sure about the idea especially after she had just started to thrive in her professional career. The pair went back and forth about the topic but they never found a resolution until it was suddenly revealed on The Big Bang Theory finale that they were pregnant. Then Penny appeared to be suddenly happy about it.

Since it was the end of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory didnt have to deal with what happened after the revelation but Young Sheldon continues to expose the big problems that could come Leonard and Pennys way. In the episode Babies Lies and a Resplendent Cannoli Georgie lets Mandys Emily Osment pregnancy news sink in and expectedly he feels lost. Despite not knowing what the future will look like Georgie knows that it will change his future. Subsequently the rattled and panicked reaction of his parents doubles down on this especially since Mary Zoe Perry and George Lance Barber were once in the same situation. Georgies arc on Young Sheldon highlights just how difficult accidental pregnancies are especially those that have never been considered.

Understandably CBS wanted to give Penny and Leonard a happy send off on The Big Bang Theory. Their pregnancy arc premise was compelling especially given their respective points of view. But it would have been effective if it was executed properly. The problem was that Penny and Leonard never really sat down to find a middle ground. The sitcom dragged their issue throughout The Big Bang Theory season 12 without actually moving it forward. It was tackled simultaneously with Sheldon and Amys Mayim Bialik Nobel Prize bid but unlike the Coopers win the Hofstadters story just ran around in circles. When they ran out of time they haphazardly revealed that Penny was expecting and excited about it despite her long standing stance on the matter. With The Big Bang Theory finished theres a slim chance that viewers will learn about what comes after Penny gave birth. CBS has used Young Sheldon to reveal bits and pieces of what the Pasadena gang has been up to since the original sitcom wrapped up. Perhaps they can also update fans on how the Hofstatdters are doing in future episodes.


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