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Yellowjackets: The series that has everyone buzzing is definitely worth the binge

Melanie Lynsky won Best Actress Drama at the 2022 Critics Choice and Best Actress Horror at the 2022 Critics Choice Super Awards for her performance as the unassuming Shauna a now adult survivor of a plane crash that stranded her wildly talented high school girls soccer team deep in the Canadian wilderness in 1996.As her former teammates Oscar nominee Juliette Lewis and Emmy nominee Christina Ricci put in their best performances in years according to The Guardian which proclaimed Yellowjackets the most fun TV show in forever.Among their uncannily spot on younger counterparts Jasmin Savoy Brown who plays the teenage Taissa was nominated for Best TV Performance at the 2022 Queerties.

The ensemble cast also includes multi award winner Tawny Cypress Ella Purnell and Sophie Nélisse.Equal parts survival epic psychological horror story and coming of age drama Yellowjackets has a 100% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes and became the second most streamed series in Showtimes history topped only by Dexter New Blood.Yellowjackets was also nominated for both Best Drama Series and Best New Series at the 2022 Writers Guild of America Awards.The shows impressive directorial line up includes the likes of Sundance winners Karyn Kusama Girlfight and Ariel Kleinman Top of the Lake SXSW winner Eduardo Sanchez The Blair Witch Project and multi award winner Deepa Mehta the Oscar nominated Water.

In both its flashbacks to the teams desolate hell on earth and the almost bleaker present Yellowjackets presents realities so taut with tension they seem likely to snap at any given moment Variety says warning ?Dont be fooled by its teen show trappings Yellowjackets is a pitch black parable of human desperation that will creep its way under your skin given the chance.Yellowjackets has drawn comparisons to Lord of the Flies Lost Desperate Housewives and even Mean Girls but creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson were most influenced by the ordeal endured by the survivors of the real life 1972 Andes flight disaster which also inspired the films Alive and The Donner Party.

That makes it surprisingly relatable right now in the third year of a global pandemic. In an interview with The Guardian speaking about the shows success Lynsky says I wonder if weve all just gone through this collective trauma and everyones feeling a bit shaken up and they dont really know how to put the pieces back together. This plane crash and these people surviving I feel like people are interested in that. I think people can relate to that kind of general feeling right now. But she adds I also just think its fun.

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