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‘Yellowjackets’ Star Ella Purnell Recalls Being Pressured to Be Sexy at Age 15: I Didn’t ‘Have the Power to Say No’

Yellowjackets alum Ella Purnell has spent her career trying to find the right balance when it comes to her appearance onscreen.You cant be too strong you cant swear you cant wear short skirts Purnell told The Independent. You cant be too sexy because they wont respect you but you cant not be beautiful because then they think you dont have value. Were taught to hold our grudges inside because at the end of the day its still a mans world and youre trying to get paid.Yet Purnell who made her film debut at age 14 in Never Let Me Go was forced to grapple with being a woman in Hollywood during her teen years.Ive gone into photoshoots when I was 15 and theyve pulled out a bra and a pair of knickers for me to wear the Army of the Dead star shared. As a 15 year old I dont have the power to say no because Im thinking Am I going to get canceled? Am I not going to work again? Am I going to burn bridges?

She continued It really becomes the job of other people to protect you. But you can understand how easily it can go the other way for anybody that doesnt have that support system. There are not enough child protection laws around that.It was only until Purnells career took off with Maleficent Sweetbitter and Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children did she feel comfortable deciding to not take off certain wardrobe pieces The more well known you are the less people push you she added.Purnell revealed that she was at first hesitant to join what she expected to be a boys club of Zack Synders Army of the Dead Netflix franchise in 2021.Being in your early twenties that shit comes up all the fing time and you have to be really firm about it from the start Purnell said. So I came in hot saying Im not gonna wear high heels! Im not gonna wear a push up bra To Purnells surprise her characters costume consisted of cargo pants and tops suitable for action sequences. But Purnell warned It wouldve been a different conversation 10 years ago.

Even starring in the viral Showtime series Yellowjackets made for an unprecedented approach to female action stars according to Purnell.Its still very new to see a woman be violent in a way that isnt fetishized or used for the gore tactic the Star Trek Prodigy actress said. In Yellowjackets were not these half naked sexy cannibals. Were just surviving and you dont see that often so its interesting when you do.Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown similarly spoke out about growing up in the public eye noting that shes experienced a difference in fan interactions since turning 18.I believe that that shouldnt change anything but its gross and its true Brown said on the Guilty Feminist podcast. Its a very good representation of whats going on in the world and how young girls are sexualized.

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