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Yellowjackets: Everything Taissa Did While Sleepwalking (So Far)

In the season 1 finale of Showtimes Yellowjackets Taissas bizarre nighttime proclivities take a deeply unsettling turn. Following the plane crash of her all girls high school soccer team in 1996 Taissa began to sleepwalk venturing out in the wilderness on her own and behaving extremely peculiarly. Though the sleepwalking seemed to have stopped after the girls were rescued it has returned in the present day possibly due to the tremendous stress Taissa is under.

Played by Tawny Cypress the adult Taissa has a political campaign to run a family to take care of a blackmailer to catch and a high school reunion to attend its hardly surprising shes feeling over stretched. However the latest reveal from the Yellowjackets season 1 finale leaves no doubt that theres another more sinister force at play here. How much of what she does while sleepwalking is Taissa aware of? She doesnt seem to remember anything that happens before she wakes up but given all the secrets the Yellowjackets are keeping that may not be the whole truth.Viewers likely wont know the answers to both where this alter ego comes from and what it wants until the next season airs. However it seems that Taissas alter ego mostly acts in ways that benefit or protect her sometimes to the detriment of other people and pets. Here is everything Taissa has done while sleepwalking throughout Yellowjackets season 1 and why she may have done them.

Eating Dirt

In both the past and the present Taissas alter ego has an uncanny habit of sneaking out to eat dirt in the middle of the night. Early on in the season Taissas son Sammy plasters over his window because he is scared of the lady in the tree though Taissa doesnt seem to know what hes talking about. He also acts out more with her than he does with his other mother Simone despite telling Taissa that he knows shes not the bad one much to her confusion. Later it is revealed that Taissa is the lady in the tree as the tree is where she crouches at night in a defensive trance like state to eat dirt.Lottie also found Taissa doing the same out in the woods after the plane crash. If Taissas alter ego is attempting to protect her its possible that she ate dirt back then because the Yellowjacket girls were undernourished and dirt contains low amounts of nutrients such as iron zinc and calcium. However this behavior makes even less sense in the present day when Taissa is not wanting for food. Perhaps she is enacting a residual sense memory from her time in the wilderness. There could also be a supernatural symbolism to her devouring the earth that hints at a monster living within Taissa.

Climbing Trees

In her waking hours Taissa repeatedly makes her disbelief and downright disdain for spiritual and supernatural explanations very clear. When sleepwalking however Taissa takes Vans good luck charm that she previously derided and climbs up a tree leaving Van and the other girls to get viciously attacked by wolves while Taissa remains safe. She wakes up in the branches seeming to have no idea of how she got up there.

This scenario raises the question as to how Taissas alter ego knew that the wolves were coming. Between her preternatural awareness and the bone charm supernatural factors within Yellowjackets seem to be implicated once again. Additionally Taissas actions deliberately save herself while leaving the others to be mauled. She could have easily restarted the groups fire or used her flare gun to stave off the wolves as she would have while awake but she does not. Clearly Taissas alter ego is only out to protect herself and does not care about hurting Taissas loved ones such as Van in the past and her family in the present. That lack of caring is the most compelling reason to believe that Taissa is telling the truth when she says she is not in control or aware of her own actions while sleepwalking.

Creating A Shrine And Killing Her Dog

In a big Yellowjackets twist the season 1 finale reveals that Taissa and Simones missing dog has been sacrificed at a hidden macabre shrine in their basement. The poor dogs head and heart are on display on an altar next to one of Sammys dismembered dolls and the mysterious symbol of an impaled girl first seen in the wilderness. Presumably Taissa killed the dog and fashioned this shrine while sleepwalking for the purpose of helping her win the election which she does.

However winning the election was not a matter of life or death but rather personal ambition for Taissa. That her alter ego helped her succeed once again begs the question of Taissas own awareness of her actions as her and her alter egos goals seem to align for the first time on something other than survival after the plane crash. Taissa seems to have known that she was responsible for losing their dog guiltily confessing to Simone that she may have let him out while sleepwalking. Taissa also expresses fear for her familys safety around her suggesting that she is conscious of her alter egos violent capabilities. If she knows that the dogs disappearance was her fault and that she is dangerous this could imply that she knows more about her shadow self and where else might the two personalities might overlap.

What Does This Mean For Taissa Going Forward?

Out of all the characters in Yellowjackets Lottie and Taissa are by far the most connected to the supernatural. In addition to her sleepwalking Taissa also sees a man with no eyes appear after her grandmothers death and her son seems to be eerily affected by an as yet unknown supernatural malevolence possibly Taissas alter ego herself. Unlike Lottie however Taissa refuses to believe that there is anything reason and logic cannot explain. Perhaps she is so adamant in denying the supernatural because to accept it would mean acknowledging her lack of control over her life as well as the existence of something dark within her that she would rather not face.

Taissa likely will not have the option of ignoring the implausible going forward especially after Simone has discovered what happened to the family dog. It remains to be seen in the upcoming Yellowjackets season 2 how much Taissa really knows and how she will react when confronted. Hopefully there will also be an explanation for the mystifying man with no eyes and Sammys strange behavior. In the meantime Yellowjackets leaves its audience with many questions and many possible answers for fans to speculate about.

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