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Yashahime Season 2 Will There Be A Third Season

Yashahime Season 2 Yashahime Season 2 Yashahime Princess Half-Demon is a follow-up anime series to the massively popular drama Inuyasha which ran from 2000 to 2004. The program follows the twin daughters of Inuyasha characters Sesshomaru and Rin Towa and Setsuna as well as Moroha the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome. After being separated involuntarily at the age of four the twins are reunited years later but with a twist. While Setsuna stayed on their home world Towa is transferred to the contemporary age alone and Setsuna matures into a tough demon slayer who has lost her memory. Simultaneously an adolescent Moroha has no recollection of her family or upbringing.

Industry Season 2 Is There Going To Be The Next Season In 2022
Who Is Ben Azelart Dating Is He Dating Lexi Rivera Know More Yashahime Princess Half-Demon followed in October 2020 with a 24-episode first season and a second season was announced shortly after Season 1 ended. Taking on a fan-favorite franchise such as Inuyasha is no simple task and many fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the new series with the Anime News Network even labeling it one of the worst anime of winter 2021.

However Yashahime Princess Half-Demon is not yet finished and many anticipate that the shows second season would turn things around and establish the shows own distinct identity. The following is what we currently know about Yashahime Princess Half-Demon Season 2. What Characters Will Appear In The Sequel To Yashahime Princess Half-demon Cast As with Season 1 the upcoming episodes of Yashahime Princess Half-Demon will focus on Towa and Setsuna the half-demon twins and Inuyashas daughter Moroha. Towa is performed by Sara Matsumoto a rising voice actor who has previously worked on My Hero Academia and Boruto Naruto Next Generations while Setsuna is dubbed by Mikako Komatsu a veteran of the industry who has been in films such as Jujutsu Kaisen Ajin and The Garden of Words. Moroha is voiced by Azusa Tadokoro who you may recognize from anime projects like Aikatsu! and Violet Evergarden.

The young womens parents also appear which means that longstanding franchise fans will get to see Inuyasha Kagome Sesshomaru and Rin once more. Shippo another popular character from the original anime also appears in the sequel series. When Towa and Setsuna rejoin after a decade apart Towa discovers her sister working for a demon-slayer named Kohaku alongside her teammate Hisui two characters that are featured in Inuyasha but play a significant role here as well. Because the show has numerous strong ties to Inuyasha there are numerous other familiar characters from the first series who either play a significant role in Yashahime Princess Half-Demon or simply make an appearance such as Sango Kohakus older sister and Hisuis mother and Miroku her husband.ax

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