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WWE star Zelina Vega brings Demon Slayer’s Daki to life with unreal cosplay

WWE superstar Zelina Vegaadorned herself with a beautiful cosplay celebrating a Demon Slayer character. She cosplayed Daki, one of the two Upper Moon 6 demons that were the primary antagonists in the Entertainment District arc. Fans thought that the cosplay was brilliant since Zelina Vega put her own spin on this instead of attempting to replicate Daki’s. Zelina Vega wore the outfit for the WWE Hall of Fame Awards 2023. She is not only popular for her performances in WWE, but also for her immense interest in anime and manga. Vega has done several cosplays in the past and she even has tattoos celebrating numerous anime and manga titles. Vega was also invited to the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2023 to present two awards. While she didn’t cosplay during that event, her outfit did have an ear cuff that subtly showed off her love for Demon Slayer.

Zelina Vega’s cosplays celebrate numerous anime and manga titles including Demon Slayer Vega’s latest Demon Slayer cosplay outfit featured a black dress that wasn’t particularly something that Daki wore. However, she did have the same Obi sash that the Upper Moon 6 demon wore. Her platinum-bleached hair resembled Daki’s in the series, which helped make her appear more like the demon from the manga. However, that wasn’t all as Vega’s nail art also complemented the outfit as she had Daki in her demonic form painted on her nails.

Needless to say, fans were delighted to see the wrestler’s take on one of the most popular demons in the series. Zelina Vega also cosplayed Madara Uchiha during a wrestling match in WWE. She wore red-colored plated armor that resembled Madara’s. She armed herself with a miniature version of the Gunbai that Madara used in the NarutoShippudenseries. Vega even cosplayed Rock Lee from the same series. She wore a green-colored jumpsuit, orange leg sleeves and long white-colored hand wraps that resembled Rock Lee’s outfit.

In a different cosplay image, fans saw Zelina holding a scepter that resembled the one seen in Sailor Moon Crystal Zelina Vega expresses her love for Naruto and Demon Slayer at IGN FanFest During the IGN FanFest, Zelina Vega expressed her opinions on voice acting, and said that she loved the idea of being able to lend her voice to anime characters. Vega added that she wants to get into voice acting and that she is a huge fan of Naruto and Demon Slayer. She said that it would be “amazing” to have a full circle where she would voice the character and cosplay the same in the ring. She said that it was her “ultimate dream.”

“So if that is for Street Fighter in the future, maybe? Whether that’s for Naruto Ninja Storm or for maybe a Demon Slayer game or something like that.” Zelina Vega presented two awards at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2023 The WWE superstar was invited to the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2023 to present two awards. She presented the awards for “Best Anime Song” and the “Best Romance.” At the event, although it seemed like Zelina’s outfit wasn’t a particular cosplay, there was one accessory that subtly hinted at her love for Demon Slayer. The ear cuff she wore to the award show resembled the headgear that Daki wore in her demonic form. Vega absolutely loved to be a part of the award ceremony and expressed her love for the entire anime and manga community.


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