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Wolverine’s Death Exposed How People Will Actually Remember Him

Following the Ultimatum event, Wolverine’s obituary shows that the Ultimate Marvel Universe remembered Logan for his heroism, not his violent past. For all his violent, tragic history and rough exterior, one might think Wolverine would be viewed in death simply as one of the most (literally) savage members of the X-Men. The Ultimate Marvel Universe, however, tells a different story, showing the world’s reception of James “Logan” Howlett to be one of a hero.

Like in the main Marvel continuity, Logan from the Ultimate Marvel Universe (Earth-1610) was an expert combatant and assassin who gained an adamantium-fused skeleton as an unwilling part of the Weapon X program. Though an eventual reformed member of the X-Men, Wolverine’s life and career were heavily marked with violence and bloodshed. During Marvel’s Ultimatum event, Wolverine journeys with his fellow heroes in an effort to kill Magneto – who once employed Logan as an assassin – after the villain unleashes the Ultimatum Wave, a giant weaponized tidal wave Magneto uses to attack New York, killing thousands. Logan manages to injure Magneto during the assault, but the villain activates Cyclops’ visor and Iron Man’s repulsors, reducing Wolverine to a skeleton.

Magneto then strips Logan’s bones of their adamantium, ensuring he is unable to regenerate from the attack and killing the mutant for good.The Ultimatum event was followed by Ultimate Requiem, a series of comics providing epilogues to several key players of the main title. Ultimatum: X-Men Requiem by Aron E. Coleite and Ben Oliver wraps up the X-Men’s portion of the event before showing a series of obituaries for fallen members. Wolverine’s obituary shows that the world following the Ultimatum Wave remembers the X-Man not for his mistakes, but for his service as a hero.

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