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Witcher 3: Why Triss Is Totally Different In The Games & Netflix Show

Triss Merigold is a fan favorite character of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and one of the very few characters that appear in all three Witcher games and the Netflix show though these iterations of her character vary dramatically. Fans of CD Projekt REDs Witcher games may have been surprised at the changes to Triss narrative appearance and overall personality that came with Netflixs adaptation. Of course as with any adaptation changes to the source material are necessary and in fact Triss Netflix portrayal is more accurate to her book character than The Witcher 3 is.This chestnut haired sorceress is the very first character that Geralt meets in the first Witcher game proceeding to nurse the amnesiac Witcher back to health. Their romance blossoms throughout the first two games as the pair are virtually inseparable by Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings. However Geralt and Triss enter into a tricky love triangle due to the introduction of Yennefer of Vengerberg in Witcher 3 where Triss and Yenn are romanceable.

Despite Triss main character status throughout CDPRs video game series Netflixs adaptation is more accurate to the sorceress personality and narrative as described in Andrzej Sapkowskis eight book series. Book Triss has a much more muted role in the Witchers life particularly in terms of their romance. As touched on in the show Triss is in an unhappy unrequited love with the Witcher. This removal of Triss and Geralts romantic element in the show may have been a disappointment to fans of Witcher 3s Triss though it is worth remembering that differences arise because CDPR had the liberty of creating this characters image and personality from scratch with further leeway permitted due to the games being set some five years after the conclusions of the books main plot.

Netflixs Witcher Has A More Book Accurate Triss Than Witcher 3

Triss character in Witcher 3 differs from the books and show in more than just her serious romance with Geralt as her personality seems vastly different. In the games CDPR cranked up Triss sweetness owing to her becoming a tender partner for the then recuperating Witcher. However the show/book version of Triss is a lot more strong headed and a little more cunning than the one seen in the games. Yet Triss magical capabilities remain consistent throughout The Witcher books games and show as she is a talented sorceress. Her proficiency as a healer with a penchant for magical potions is explored in the books though she is ironically allergic to them herself.

Further The Witcher 3 downplays Triss and Yennefers companionship. In the books Triss unrequited infatuation with Geralt is a source of slight contention between Triss and fellow sorceress and Lodge member Yennefer but the two remain at each others sides regardless. It appears that CDPR elected to allow Triss to take advantage of Geralts amnesia and keep the Witcher for herself despite Yennefer still being around. Although the books mention Triss and Geralt coupling in the past this was regretted by Geralt and only elongated the sorceress infatuation. It seems almost completely out of character that Triss would manipulate amnesiac Geralt to this extent and withhold information about Yennefer and Ciri whom she cares about deeply in order for her own pleasure.

These differences between The Witcher games show and book are to be expected as no two adaptations will do everything the same way. While the Netflix adaptation is more accurate to Triss personality and narrative except that she appears earlier in the Netflix plot than in the books neither the show nor the games have got Triss appearance quite right. The Witcher 3s crimson haired sweet natured sorceress and Netflixs darker haired more resolute healer do not entirely match up to the books headstrong young chestnut haired character although all still have their unique strengths.

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