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Witcher 3 Remaster Delay Doesn’t Mean CDPR Is Overpromising (Hopefully)

The latest delay of The Witcher 3s next generation remaster is disappointing but its unlikely to be a case of CD Projekt Red overpromising. The developer recently announced the delay of The Witcher 3s PS5 and Xbox Series X S upgrades was a result of the games production being moved in house after previously being the responsibility of Russia based studio Saber Interactive. It was a move that may have been motivated by Russias ongoing invasion of Ukraine and also possibly a case of the developer wanting to ensure it actually didnt over promise.Originally released in 2015 The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt received massive acclaim and put CDPR on the map as a developer with great promise. The RPG follows Geralt of Rivia a legendary monster hunter as he looks for his adopted daughter Ciri to save her from the Wild Hunt a group of elves intent on capturing her. It is a regular sight on rankings for the greatest games of all time and CD Projekt promised players a free upgrade for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X S in 2020. Thanks to the success of the Witcher series on Netflix the upgrade for The Witcher 3 will also include DLC inspired by the show.

Unfortunately the developers fall from grace was just as immediate as its rise to stardom. Its latest RPG 2020s Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. However its release failed to meet those lofty expectations being an unfinished product lacking more than a few features that were teased in previous marketing material. Since then CDPR has been hard at work trying to repair its reputation and give players to trust the company again. Cyberpunks 1.5 update which included its next generation update was a major step in that direction as it brought a long list of quality of life improvements. With the next generation release of Cyberpunk many players hoped the PS5 and Xbox Witcher 3 upgrade would be next on the horizon. Although the wait will now be longer than expected its unlikely to disappoint.

Why CDPR Delayed The Witcher 3S Next Gen Remaster

When the delay for the remaster of The Witcher 3 was announced the reason given was production being moved back in house. Before this Russia based Saber Interactive who also assisted with the port of the game onto Nintendo Switch was handling it. Although limited the port was serviceable enough to be considered a success. In recent weeks CD Projekt Red has been extremely vocal in support of Ukraine as it defends itself from an invasion from Russias military. The studio even halted digital sales of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 from its storefront in Russia and Belarus. Cutting ties with the Russian studio could simply be an extension of its stance on the conflict.

Shortly after the delay was announced members of CD Projekt clarified in an investor call that the game is not in development hell a term used when a games development is seemingly at an impasse and its release appears unlikely. Comments from the call were first reported by PC Gamer. During the call CD Projekt CEO Adam Kicinski said there were only around 15 people working on the remaster implying there isnt much work left to be done. That being the case the company is still evaluating the time and resources needed for the games completion hence the delay. The company insisted to investors that the delay was not some monumental time gap.Because of the initial bug and glitch filled state of Cyberpunk 2077 its understandable for some to be concerned by any form of negative news from CD Projekt Red. Context however is important and it paints a significantly less alarming picture. The Witcher 3 is what got the company to this point in the first place and it surely knows anything less than a smooth launch would be a disservice to it. More importantly a repeat of the Cyberpunk situation would tarnish their reputation to a point of no return.

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