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Wild Wraith portal glitch is ideal counter to aggressive Apex Legends enemies

Apex Legends players have got a glitch with Wraiths portal that allows them to cleverly outplay overly aggressive enemies however some want it to be fixed by Respawn. Ever since Apex Legends first launched Wraith has always maintained a top standing in the battle royale thanks to her abilities that allow players to both push aggressively and escape with ease. Over the last few seasons though those abilities – especially her portal – have been used in more nefarious ways. Players have been able to use weapons and healing items while creating an escape path making Wraith even more powerful than normal.

Now with Season 13 on the horizon players want a fix for a portal glitch that allows Wraith mains to cleverly outplay aggressive enemies who are hungry to rack up kills. Respawn Entertainment Wraiths portals are helpful for moving quickly across the map. The bug was highlighted by YouTuber RossBobSquirrel who stated that its wild that Respawn has still yet to address the problem despite it being around for some time now.

While some portal bugs have been pretty game-breaking this one is somewhat situational given that it requires a zipline to make it work. As the YouTuber shows interacting with the zipline when placing the exit of the portal will turn it into a loop rather than a means of escape. Some players quickly theorized how powerful it could be when being chased by an enemy team seeing as theyd be surprised that theyd return to the first part of the portal. This is brutal if used properly. Hope Respawn can fix it said one.

With the bug being around for a little while its unknown as to whether or not Respawn can actually fix it on the fly as they have with some other Wraith issues. One player suggested that the devs may have to remove the popular legend from play as they did with the Sentinel and Rampage LMG but that would upset plenty of fans. So well just have to wait and see what happens.

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A new Wraith exploit with her portal and phase ability allows players in Apex Legends to fire their weapon while in the phase – and be instantly ready with their gun up when exiting the phase. There have been many glitches with Wraiths abilities since the very start of Apex. In Season 4 players uncovered a strange glitch with Wraiths portal ability that allowed them to get back on their feet from the revive animation. But most of them have been fixed.

Now a new glitch has been found allowing players to equip weapons and deal damage in Wraiths teleport form. Wraith looks stunned in Apex Legends.Respawn Entertainment Wraith has always been one of the go-tos in Apex Legends In a YouTube video on January 22 Apex Legends creator Ross BobSquirrel uncovered the new edition of the Wraith phase glitch. As explained in the short video the exploit involves using Wraiths Dimensional Rift ultimate and her tactical ability Into the Void very precisely.

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As you get towards the end of the Dimensional Rift ability players need to activate Wraiths tactical and if timed correctly itll allow you to stay in the invisible form for a brief amount of time and use your weapons at the same time. Unfortunately for those looking to abuse the glitch it doesnt last very long – and you wont get a lot of time to deal a fair chunk of damage. However it will catch unsuspecting players completely off-guard and give you a leg up as you can be aiming your weapon as soon as the teleporting finishes – rather than waiting for the animation.

As Ross Bob Squirrel explained the timing you need to do the exploit is incredibly precise so you might not encounter this much in-game. Though if it does become a more widespread issue expect Respawn to patch it before long. Also worth noting that punishments could be meted out for players using this in real matches and not just in the firing range so use at your own peril.

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