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Why Two Roger Moores Bond Movies Used The Same Opening?

Two of Roger Moores 007 movies used the same opening sequence of James Bond being betrayed by an unnamed lover and theres a secret reason for this. Two of Roger Moores 007 outings used the same opening scene but its not a coincidence that the James Bond movies both featured such similar prologues. Every actor who plays James Bond brings something new to the role. For Daniel Craig this meant a grittier more grounded 007 whereas for Roger Moore this meant a comedic Bond with a penchant for goofy one liners and fourth wall breaking winks at the audience.

After the comparative self seriousness of the Sean Connery Bond era Moores version of 007 was a sillier campier version of the character. It was this goofier Bond that inspired affectionate parodies like Austin Powers and that set in stone some of the more overthetop cliches the James Bond franchise is still associated with to this day. Chief among these is the trope of James Bond sleeping with countless interchangeable suitors most of whom end up betraying him after the fact a convention seen in two of Moores movie openings.

Two Moore movies The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker feature 007 being betrayed by Bond girls in their precredits scenes. The Spy Who Loved Me opens with Bond leaving a beautiful woman in bed in a log cabin only for her to call in Soviet assassins as he leaves and 007 fighting them off while skiing. Moonraker meanwhile opens with Bond cozying up to a beautiful air hostess only for her to pull a gun on him prompting 007 to escape via parachute. In both cases the opening serves two purposes both establishing that this iteration of Bond cant trust anyone and has every reason to be paranoid and also signaling to audiences that this will be one of the lighter campier 007 franchise entries right from the opening scene.

Although these scenes technically see Bond betrayed by a love interest Moores eye rolling response isnt much like Daniel Craigs anguish over Vesper Lynds devastating Casino Royale death. While a Bond girl using the characters trust against him can be tragic an unnamed heroine immediately double crossing him before the movie has even properly begun is almost outright comedic. The trope allows Moores Bond movies to warn viewers that they should not get too invested in any characters or take the story too seriously since both The Spy Who Loved Me and Moon raker is goofier more cartoony spy movies than the likes of On Her Majestys Secret Service.

However even in the absurd world of Bond there still needs to be some compelling conflict for viewers to sink their teeth into. Thats why these prologues both also serve to affirm that although Moores Bond is a goofier iteration of the character he is surrounded by duplicitous double agents at all times. Much like the competing spy movie franchise Mission Impossible used its absurd unmasking scenes to prove that no one is who they seem two of Moores James Bond movies open with this repetitive twist to ensure viewers know that 007s latest adventure will keep them guessing — even if the moves dont take themselves particularly seriously.

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