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Why The Greatest Beer Run Ever Could Be Zac Efrons First Oscar Nomination

Zac Efron has been shedding his Disney image but with The Greatest Beer Run Ever he may finally have a shot at his first Oscar nomination. Zac Efron has made a career out of being a Disney teenage heartthrob while appearing in outrageous comedies where hes poked fun at his image but The Greatest Beer Run Ever is about to shake things up for the 34yearold actor and potentially earn his first Oscar nomination. Earning worldwide recognition for the breezy High School Musical movies Efron proved himself a great actor in movies like Me and Orson Welles and showcased his comedic side in raunchy flicks like Dirty Grandpa. While major awards and critical acclaim have alluded him 2019s Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile where he portrayed serial killer Ted Bundy provided a new edge to his image.

Efron will be seen next in The Greatest Beer Run Ever a feature length adaptation of a that follows John Chickie Donahue in 1967 as he leaves New York to bring beer to his childhood buddies in the Army while they are fighting in Vietnam. Helmed by writer director Peter Farrelly hell be appearing alongside veteran actors like Bill Murray and Oscarwinner Russell Crowe in the comedy drama that recently completed filming in Thailand. The film may be able to earn Efron his first nomination because of past Oscar track records.

People know and love Efron as a heartthrob comedic actor but the Academy loves a story of idol turned artist like prescandal Johnny Depp. Voters eyes will be on Efron when the movie is released. Farrelly is also coming off his Oscarwinning film Green Book meaning he has a lot of pull in the industry right now to pick and choose worthwhile projects. The simple fact that he chose Efron to lead his next project is a huge bode of confidence in the actors skills. Finally its a lighthearted story akin to Green Book and recent winner Coda about Vietnam. Oscar loves war movies plus the trend seems to be picking lighter fare to win the big prizes on Oscar night so Efron has more than a shot to make a splash at next years ceremony.

Zac Efron in The Greatest Showman
As of April 2022 there arent very many Oscar contenders which of course is more than typical for this time of year. But looking at the months ahead few have a nomination locked. Austin Butlers turn as Elvis Presley is certainly stirring up buzz while others believe Nicolas Cages portrayal of himself in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is fitting for Oscar gold. Green Book star Viggo Mortenson returns this year by leading Ron Howards Thirteen Lives which charts the evens of the 2018 Thailand cave rescue. Audiences will also get to see the always beloved Tom Hanks star in A Man Called Otto. Then there is whole stacked cast of Martin Scorseses Killers of the Flower Moon which includes Robert De Niro and Leo DiCaprio. So really right now its anyones game.

Time will tell how Efron does and what The Greatest Beer Run Ever does for his career. No matter the award buzz its a major step forward for the actor who has spent the past decade parodying his image and popping up in sophomoric comedies. Given the recent picture released of the actor from the set it looks like Zac Efron has been really throwing himself into the role and the movie has the chance of getting an Oscar Nomination in 2022.

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