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Why Robert Pattinsons Batman Doesnt Disguise His Voice

The Batman director Matt Reeves has recently revealed why Batman does not attempt to disguise his voice as he does in other interpretations The Batman Robert Pattinson fighting punch The Batman director Matt Reeves reveals why Batman does not attempt to disguise his voice in the new film. The Batman is the latest iteration of the Caped Crusader to hit the big screen and the first to take place outside of the ongoing DCEU since Christopher Nolans The Dark Knight trilogy ended back in 2012. The film sees Batman as portrayed by Robert Pattinson now in his second year of crime fighting as he attempts to track down a new and mysterious serial killer known as The Riddler Paul Dano. The Batman offers a fresh new take on the world of Gotham city and since its release the movie has seen great acclaim from both fans and critics with some even claiming that it may be the best Batman film to date.

Back when the film was first announced some Batman fans were skeptical about a new reboot of the character so soon after the DCEU revealed their version of the Caped Crusader. Some fans were particularly skeptical given the casting of Pattinson in the titular role given that he was mostly known at the time for his stint as Edward in the Twilight saga. However viewers have been delighted to see that The Batman truly had something new to offer. Pattinsons interpretation of Batman has been largely well received despite the character having changed somewhat from what may be expected from him. One noticeable change is the lack of voice alteration between Bruce Wayne and Batman. An attempt to mask Bruces true voice while he is in costume is something that has been a big part of the character since The Dark Knight and was carried on throughout the DCEU. However this trait is noticeably absent from The Batman.

Why Alfred And Bruces Relationship Is So Different In The Batman

During the directors commentary on The Batman as reported by The Wrap Reeves has revealed why the choice was made to have Pattinson use his own voice when portraying Batman. It turns out that the decision came out of the fact that The Batman is more of a detective story than a typical superhero action flick. According to Reeves he quickly realized that this meant that Batman would have a lot of dialogue scenes. In fact the character of Bruce Wayne hardly appears comparatively to Batman in this film which meant that it would be Batman who would have to carry a lot of the dialogue during the emotional turning points of the film. For Reeves he felt that if Batman was using the classic growling voice audiences wouldnt be able to connect with him emotionally. See his full quote below:

I knew I did not wanna do a Batman that had been done previously that had the growl that wed seen. Because I knew that in this version if youre gonna do a detective story Batman is gonna have a lot of dialogue scenes. Which when you actually look at all the movies Bruce may have a lot of long dialogue scenes but Batmans dialogue scenes he has dialogue but its controlled. This by literally the necessity of solving this crime was going to require him to have to have long dialogue scenes in that suit and some of them are very emotional. If he was growling we wouldnt be able to connect to him emotionally. So there was a real exploration to figure out how to make that work.

Robert Pattinson chasing Riddler in The Batman.
This challenge is somewhat unique to The Batman as previous films have placed more of the emotional arc on Bruce Wayne rather than Batman which left the Caped Crusader only rare moments of really heavy dialogue. With this switch even Pattinson has admitted that trying to growl his way through the dialogue heavy scenes wound up being too hard on his voice. Ultimately the choice makes a lot of sense given that The Batmans version of Bruce Wayne is reclusive so hardly anyone knows what his voice sounds like anyway.

In the end it seems that Reeves choice was for the best. He is indeed right that Batman has to carry the emotional weight of the story and in the end Pattinson was able to do this very well. After a nearly three hour movie with very dark themes The Batman is able to deliver an ending that sparks true hope in the audience. This certainly would have been hard if viewers had to decipher dialogue through a voice akin to Christian Bales in The Dark Knight. As it stands voice or no voice Pattinsons version of The Batman has worked his way into audiences hearts.

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