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Why Good Girls Should Return for a Concluding Season

he fourth season of NBCs Good Girls was finally released on Netflix in March to fan excitement leading it to trend in the top ten since its release. Unfortunately it is also the final season since the network abruptly canceled the series last June while it was still airing. But the popularity of Good Girls among viewers is there. When Netflix first released the series it became a trending topic on Facebook and Twitter soaring its popularity and viewership not only for it being a bingeworthy show with episodes ending in cliffhangers but also for the cast and storylines that keep fans wanting more. Since the release of the fourth season of Good Girls fans have been begging Netflix for a fifth and final season to give the series a proper ending. There are a lot of loopholes that need to be closed and questions that need to be answered. Fans are also wondering what happens in the end for the trio their families and their criminal life.

The dark comedy series stars Christina Hendricks Retta and Mae Whitman as Beth Ruby and Annie with Beth and Annie being sisters. Described by some as the female version of Breaking Bad Good Girls follows the three women who are mothers that struggle to make ends meet for their families. They decide that the best way to earn a large amount of cash quickly is to rob their local grocery store. After the successful heist Beth Ruby and Annie do not realize what they get themselves involved with when the grocery store also serves as a front for a local gang. The three mothers then owe a debt to highranking gang member Rio played by Manny Montana who has a moneylaundering business. A seemingly simple grocery store robbery for Beth Ruby and Annie becomes the three being involved in the criminal world filled with lies and secrets and the FBI that are difficult to escape from.

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