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Why 1000Lb Sisters Fans Worry About Tammys Receding Hairline

1000lb Sisters viewers are currently worrying about the state of Tammy Slatons hairline since it appears to be receding quite rapidly.

Tammy Slaton is used to being picked on by fans of 1000lb Sisters but now many of the shows viewers are worried about her receding hairline. Tammy is often the butt of jokes when it comes to her looks especially her hair. The TLC star is trying to turn her life around but she is currently falling into the same old habits.

As viewers know all too well the TLC hit show follows the pair of Kentucky siblings Amy and Tammy around as they live their lives while dealing with challenges related to their weight. Tammy has been the focal point of the series for years thanks to her tantrums lousy attitude and strange looks. Tammy has a harsh personality that often pushes those closest to her away. On more than one occasion fans have called out “Queen Tammy.” Now the tides have turned as some concerned viewers have taken note of her personal hygiene and even noted that she seems to be losing her hair.

Currently Tammy from 1000lb Sisters has multiple health factors plaguing her. Also viewers are worried about how her hair looks in recent pictures. Even though Tammy has been MIA for over a month on her social media fans have been combing through her various posts. One person noted a distinctive feature which is Tammys receding hairline. Unsurprisingly followers took to a thread created by Inbred Police at Reddit to point out that Tammys hair was starting to fall out with one writing “That hairline is getting impressive.” Viewers couldnt help but compare her hair from season 1 to season 3 making it obvious that there was a lack of hair on her head.

Not too long ago 1000lb Sisters followers spoke out about Tammys extremely prominent forehead which was also showcased thanks to the receding hairline. Followers on her social media accounts began to notice a rather large bump on her head and worried it was a sign that she was not doing well. Tammy has not commented on the lump or lack of hair and will most likely ignore the two topics altogether.

Its been over 30 days since Tammy last posted on her social media and fans are concerned. Thankfully her sister Amy Slaton Halterman shared with 1000lb Sisters viewers that her sister was doing just fine. The issue seemed to be that Tammy was locked out of all her social media accounts. TikTok did verify that she had been removed by mistake but her profile is now up and running again. Fans are hoping Tammy returns soon so that they can get an update on her hair.

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