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Whose Tom Holland Is This?

Hasbros celebration of 60 years of SpiderMan includes the Tom Holland Peter Parker figure you never knew you really really never wanted Peter Parkers poor luck always seems to strike in the weirdest places Like his face apparently From the put upon Spider hero that gave us a truly distressing video game makeover now comes this Announced today by Hasbro as part of an upcoming celebration of SpiderMans 60th anniversary with its Marvel Legends line up this SpiderMan Homecoming Peter Parker figure is actually part of a two pack pairing together the civilian Spidey with his best friend Ned Leeds Ned at least looks pretty good for the most part mostly resembling actor Jacob Batalon and coming with a very fun alternative head that is just Ned in the Spidey mask.

But what is this Peter Parker face Why is this Peter Parker face Who is this Peter Parker face Because good lord its not Tom Holland Or rather this one is not The figure comes with two heads with a more neutral head for Peter that looks a little more like Holland if you squint at it But the smiling head is just a lot You know that bit in No Way Home where and I m sorry I guess spoilers for a movie that is been out in theaters for like five months now and has made so many gabillions of dollars that half the planet has already seen it multiple times Willem Dafoes Norman Osborn changes personalities from the kindly traumatized Norman over to his Goblin persona Normans on sabbatical honey Thatis this Peter Parker smiling head that moment except if anything Peter Parker should never be going goblin sicko mode.

I cant stop thinking about it This is far from the first time Hasbro has done a Holland Spidey unmasked head before the company switched over to its printed Photo real paint applications for MCU figures a Homecoming two pack with Iron Man gave us the first Holland head in the Marvel Legends line and last year a No Way Home Walmart exclusive version of his black and red suit had an unmasked head that was not half bad Why not reuse that here I guess we should not complain at getting not one but two new head sculpts for Peter in the set but maybe we should when one of them looks like this.

Should you yourself decide you did like a Ned and Gremlin Peter for your own shelf the SpiderMan Homecoming Peter Parker and Ned Leeds two pack will go on preorder tomorrow April 20 at Hasbro Pulse for $56 Its not due out until December 2022 though so you have got eight months or thereabouts to mentally prepare to have that little plastic face staring back at you.

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