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Who is the father of Charlize Theron’s children?

Charlize Theron is the proud mother of 2 children but there are still many questions about her father She may be one of the most sought after actresses on the planet but Charlize Theron is so much more than someone we see on the big screen time and time again shes also an amazing mother to two wonderful boys In March 2012 the Oscar winner welcomed her first daughter Jackson and 3 years later she expanded her family when the actress became the mother of her second daughter August Charlize is currently raising her two little ones on her own however she has made it clear that motherhood is something she has been thinking about for quite some time.

The only thing I realized when I chose to be a mother and then I was able to experience it was the power and how powerful it was that I had the option to choose when that happened in my life she revealed in an interview And while the star has admitted to having bad days as a mother and even making mistakes Charlize is grateful that her mother Gerda Maritz is around to help I knew I would need my mother to help me if I was going to do this as a single mom Not acknowledging her in coparenting would be a lie Im so lucky to have that A few years after raising her children alone Charlize found out that her oldest son is transgender During an interview with the Daily Mail she recalled a time Jackson looked into her eyes and said Im not a boy There you go! I have two beautiful daughters who like any parent I want to protect and want to see thrive They were born the way they are and exactly where in the world they are both as they grow up and who they want to be is not up to me up to me to decide he explained.

Who are the children of Charlize Theron
Jackson Theron was born on January 11 2012 Charlize adopted Jackson in early 2012 announcing him in March of that year Jackson realized very early that he was transgender and Charlize has been raising her as a girl ever since Charlize told the Daily Mail in 2019 Yeah I thought she was a boy too Until she looked at me when she was 3 and said Im not a boy Charlize adopted Jackson as a single mother and told the media that shortly after her adoption she immediately fell in love with being a mom Weirdly its everything you hoped for and she feels so good I dont know how else to say it she said.

Soon after Charlize adopted her youngest daughter August Theron in July 2015 August like Jackson was adopted from the United States Charlize told NPR in late 2019 that when she was looking to adopt she had no parameters and she just wanted to find children that she loved I wanted to believe that somehow my son would find me the way we were meant to be he said So I wasnt specific with anything Any country that would allow me to adopt as a single woman thats where I applied She also told People in 2018 that her two daughters make her laugh like its no bodys business.

The father of Charlize Therons children
Charlize Therons stance on relationships is just as inspiring as her insistence on being an independent mom Aside from an 8year relationship with fellow actor Stuart Townsend and a shorter fling with actor Sean Penn the actress has been proudly single And when she decided to adopt she chose to do it alone Yes it is true that there are photos of her children when she was with Sean Penn but her two little ones are only Charlizes and they have a proud mom as well as an extremely present grandmother.

In fact many may not know it but Sean and Charlize were only together for 18 months so they never thought of adopting together as the actress was very honest with him from the beginning about her desire to be a mother It was a very very new relationship The stories said that Sean was going to adopt Jackson and that was not true Its not something that happens in 18 months You cant do that to a child So there was an understanding that she was going to be a single mom to a very young boy that I had to put in a situation where he understood that mom was dating but she didnt have a dad you know You have to be very careful and honest about those things And Sean was amazing with it The actor knew from the beginning that his girlfriend wanted to be a mother and that she was going to adopt on her own but they never decided to do it together.

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