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Which Modern Family Character Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

The main characters on Modern Family really do make up a hilarious and charming big family. Each person has flaws a good sense of humor a passion in life and one defining personality trait. The characters are great examples of relatives who love each other but sometimes confuse one another and get involved in intense and silly situations on a regular basis.When looking at the main characters on Modern Family through the lens of the Chinese Zodiac signs of which there are 12 fans can see who fits into which sign thanks to their personality traits hopes dreams and behavior.

12 Rat Joe Pritchett

People born in the year of the rat are said to be intelligent but they sometimes have trouble being brave. They are clever and can think on their feet and also like to learn about the world around them.Joes adorable Modern Family scenes show fans that he has many traits of a Rat. Joe wants to grow up and experience more things but since he is so young he can be afraid and worried.

11 Ox Mitch Pritchett

An Ox is an intelligent person who works hard goes after their dreams and likes to progress little by little. They dont like adventure or being spontaneous but they do really well at work.This sounds a lot like Mitch who tries really hard at his career as a lawyer and who devotes his life to being dedicated to this industry. While Mitch cares about his family and wants to be a great partner and parent he does care a lot about work too.

10 Tiger Haley Dunphy

Tigers have confidence and they dont like to admit when they are wrong. They are also full of courage.Haleys family members often find her to be stubborn and a bit confusing but they would definitely agree that Haley has high self esteem and that she is a brave person who gets something done when she puts her mind to it. Fans see Haley shift into an older more mature person after becoming a parent but she maintains her youthful energy and love of having fun.

9 Rabbit Lily Pritchett

Rabbits are known for being smart on the quiet side and also being someone who others can count on and trust.Lily fits into these personality traits and anyone born in the year of the rabbit can relate to this character. Lily loves her parents and enjoys being part of her family but she sometimes keeps to herself.

8 Dragon Luke Dunphy

Luke has many plans on Modern Family and he can sometimes be a puzzling character for fans as he doesnt fit in with the rest of his family.If someone is born in the year of the dragon they are always up for having fun and sometimes people can have trouble figuring out their true personality. Luke is definitely a memorable and unique Modern Family character and he fits into this sign well as Dragons can seem like they dont want to work very hard. When a Dragon puts their mind to something however they can achieve a lot.

7 Snake Alex Dunphy

Snakes are smart people who work really hard have a lot of ambition and who keep to themselves.Privacy is important to people born in the year of the snake and they are good at coming up with things that they want to accomplish and getting them done. They are also clever. These personality traits describe Alex who sometimes confuses her family but who is always intelligent and determined.

6 Horse Manny Delgado Pritchett

Horses like being the center of attention and they are creative fun loving people. Horses also have a lot of energy and are often in good moods.From Mannys smart Modern Family quotes to his passion for filmmaking fans of the sitcom see this character as a kind smart confident person who is trying to be happy while balancing growing up spending time with his family dating and wondering if being a filmmaker is the right thing for him.

5 Sheep Phil Dunphy

Those who are born in the year of the sheep/goat are said to be sweet artistic good in business and people who are want things to be fair and who want to treat others well.If someone is this zodiac sign they can relate to Phil who does a great job in the field of real estate and who is always nice to other people whether strangers or family members.

4 Monkey Gloria Delgado Pritchett

Those born in the year of the monkey love kids being close with other people and they are also passionate dedicated people.Monkeys are said to put their heart and soul into a passion project of theirs. If someone has the Chinese zodiac sign monkey they can relate a lot to Gloria who loves Jay and her children Joe and Manny but who can get bored easily.

3 Rooster Cam Tucker

Roosters are artistic and have a lot of talent which definitely describes Cam who enjoys singing dressing up as Fizbo the clown and performing. Roosters are also intelligent and perceptive.One of the most important personality traits of someone with the Rooster sign is that they can tell how others are doing which is something that Cam is really good at. Cam loves being close with his family members and always wants Mitch Lily and the other characters to be happy.

2 Dog Claire Dunphy

Dogs are said to be stubborn and to have trouble talking to others which describes Claire who is intelligent ambitious and fun to watch but who struggles to get her thoughts and emotions across to her partner and kids. Dogs can also be critical and tell the truth which might be one of Claires biggest flaws.Claires relatable Modern Family quotes show fans that she is secure with who she is but can sometimes hurt other peoples feelings when she is a bit too honest.

1 Pig Jay Pritchett

Pigs are responsible people who finish what they start and who can be full of peace and stillness in a crisis. This describes Jay who does an amazing job putting his closets company on the map and who doesnt get as worried when things go wrong as his relatives do.Those born in the year of the pig are also said to be good with money and to do well in their careers which fits Jay as well.

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