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Which Full House Character Are You Based On Your Enneagram Type?

Full House became a hit family sitcom all the way back in 1987 making viewers envy the life of a close knit extended family. Every member of the Tanner household had their own unique personality from Dannys obsessive cleaning habits and kind heart to DJs intelligence and Stephanies free spirited sassy attitude.The Enneagram personality test allows those who take it to see where they fall on the wheel. It tells its takers if theyre more goal oriented or prefer to help others and how they can best communicate with people like and unlike them. The Tanner family had a wide array of personalities which is part of the reason why they clashed so much but loved one another so hard.

Type 1 Danny Tanner The Perfectionist

Danny Tanner was a lover of many things his children his family giving inspirational lectures and a clean house. He strived to have the perfect home managed and organized just the way he liked it. His family members on the other hand made that quite difficult for him often causing him anxiety and distress due to their messy habits.Type 1s are perfectionists. They want things done their way and will let it be known. Danny was the textbook definition of a Type 1 and the ultimate TV dad. He was a leader and a teacher to his children loved creating rules and following them and had a hard time when things didnt go as planned. Doing his best didnt work for the Tanner patriarch he had to do better than the best.

Type 2 Aunt BeckyThe Helper

Aunt Becky joined the series in the second season serving as a love interest to fan favorite Uncle Jesse. Becky quickly became the mother figure the Tanner girls were lacking and provided them with much needed love and support after the passing of their mom.Type 2s are helpers. Theyre giving and kind and always want the best for those around them. Aunt Becky was a type 2 through and through. She had a huge heart and even put aside her dreams of living in her own home to move into the Tanner attic with Jesse and their twin boys. Becky sacrificed a lot for those around her and loved every Tanner child long before she was an official member of the family.

Type 3 DJ Tanner The Achiever

Ever since she was a little girl DJ Tanner had big dreams. As the eldest Tanner child DJ often set the example and paved the way for her younger sisters. She was ambitious and goal oriented applying to schools like Berkley and Stanford for college.Type 3s are achievers. They set goals and they reach them. DJ was a perfect example of an intelligent highly motivated individual who wanted all of her dreams to come true. As the eldest daughter DJ had to be a good example to her siblings and take care of herself resulting in her drive and competency.

Type 4 Uncle Jesse The Individualist

Uncle Jesse was a fan favorite on Full House for good reasons reason he was cute funny and had some of the most enjoyable storylines in the series. Watching his love story unfold showed his character growth as he went from musical playboy to career oriented father of twins and loving husband.Type 4s are individualists. Theyre insanely creative and unique but can also be highly sensitive and moody at times. Jesse checked all of those boxes as he had some great moments in his career as a radio host business owner and musician but was also prone to emotional outbursts and feeling incomplete in his field of work.

Type 5 Michelle Tanner The Observer

As the youngest Tanner sibling Michelle did a lot of observing of those around her. She was attentive and craved attention but was also capable of being independent of her sisters.Type 5s are observers. Theyre curious and investigative primarily taking in the world around them and using it to their advantage. Michelle was great at this as she was always around for whatever drama was occurring in the Tanner house and had two older sisters to look up to and emulate.

Type 6 Kimmy Gibbler The Loyalist

Kimmy Gibbler made herself at home wherever she went. She was a bit intense and intruding but she sought comfort in the Tanner household as opposed to her own.Type 6s are loyalists. They crave intimacy and security just as Kimmy did when it came to the Tanners. She was a loyal friend to DJ even when DJ didnt reciprocate and would do anything that the Tanners asked of her. Type 6s want to belong and Kimmy certainly felt like she most belonged when she was hanging out with her next door neighbors.

Type 7 Joey Gladstone The Enthusiast

Joey Gladstone moved in to the iconic Tanner house to assist his best friend Danny in raising his three daughters. This endeavor forced Joey to grow up a bit since he up until that point he had lived the life of a struggling comedian and had nothing tying him down.Type 7s are enthusiasts. They like the thrills of life and prefer to live on the more enjoyable wilder side. Joey craved freedom and fun and didnt let the fact that he lived with a family take away from his spontaneous adventurous lifestyle. Sometimes Joey needed to be reeled in and reminded to slow things down but overall he made life more fun for the Tanners with his optimism and hilarity.

Type 8 Stephanie Tanner The Challenger

The most combative and rebellious of the Tanner children Stephanie definitely classified as a middle child. She was competitive often overlooked and didnt always want to follow the rules set in place.Type 8s are challengers. They arent afraid to advocate for what they want and dont back down in arguments. As the middle child Stephanie often had to advocate for herself and her needs and did so in decisive and commanding way. Sometimes this assertion made her prone to fights with her family but ultimately it gave her a strong sense of self and confidence.

Type 9 Steve Hale The Peacemaker

DJs first boyfriend and future second husband on Fuller House Steve Hale was a kind guy who just wanted everyone to like him. He wasnt phased by the large Tanner family dynamic and took the time to get to know everyone in a sweet genuine manner.Type 9s are peacemakers. They give out love and want it to be passed around. Steve was always supportive and optimistic and even his and DJs first breakup was incredibly peaceful and amicable. Steve never liked to fight unless being on the wrestling team counted and was a great first experience at love for DJ making the two of them one of the greatest couples on the show.

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