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Which Character From The Good Place Are You, Based On Your Enneagram Type?

NBCs The Good Place was a show all about how nobody can really be deemed good or bad but rather should be accepted for all that they are even if theyve made mistakes during their time on Earth. It was about redemption friendship and love and had some of the most unique and interesting characters network television had seen in a long time.In that way The Good Place had characters representing all different enneagram types. From Tahanis performative personality to Janets observational nature everyone in the series brought something different to the table that made the show equal parts hilarious and thought provoking.

Type 1 Michael The Perfectionist

Michael was an architect with a dream of creating The Good Place a version of Hell that presented as an idealistic Heaven. He worked hard and ruthlessly to get to the top and create his vision only for Eleanor and her friends to stomp on it causing him to revamp his plans before siding with them.Type 1s are perfectionists just like Michael. They want things to go exactly the way theyve planned and dont account for anyone ruining their thought up masterpieces. Michael worked tirelessly to be the best demon architect around just as perfectionists are constantly pushing themselves to be well perfect.

Type 2 Mindy St. Claire The Helper

Mindy St. Claire earned herself in The Medium Place for being the most mediocre person to ever exist but over the course of the show proved that she had a bigger heart than she let on and was a good helpful member of society.Type 2s are helpers. They are empathic and compassionate and are a good shoulder to lean on. Eleanor sought comfort in Mindy and her home during several reboots of Michaels experiment and Mindy was even the one to tell her that she was in love and in a happy relationship with Chidi in nearly every version. Mindy was a kind soul even if she wouldnt necessarily describe herself as such.

Type 3 Tahani Al Jamil The Achiever

Tahani Al Jamil was the definition of a girl boss. She did it all and let everyone know that she was the one doing it. Sometimes she projected a little too hard as she was trying to one up her sister during her time on Earth and was also constantly bragging about all of her accomplishments and name dropping famous friends.Type 3s are achievers. They reach for the sky and usually touch it. Theyre charming and ambitious just like Tahani. She embodied all that an enneagram type 3 is which means the good and the bad. Tahani was outgoing and goal oriented but also self absorbed and sometimes insensitive to herself and others.

Type 4 Eleanor Shellstrop The Individualist

Its clear that Eleanor Shellstrop was a bit selfish and unlikable during her time on Earth but she learned to shed that and become more of a team player when the afterlife called for it. She was emotive and a free thinker while also being deeply creative and collaborative in her adventures.Type 4s are individualists. They see the world through their point of view and live life by their own sets of rules. They can be self absorbed and jealous at times but are also incredibly expressive and daring. Eleanor is a 4 due to her bravery strength and ability to make light of any bad situation.

Type 5 Janet The Observer

Janet wasnt a human or a girl or even a robot she was just a Janet. She knew everything about everybody in The Good Place and put her knowledge to good use by being Michaels assistant and a resource for members of the community.Type 5s are observers. They gather information about the world around them and use it to their advantage just as Janet did. 5s are independent and investigative. They like to stick to the things they know rather than try new things. Theres a reason Janet malfunctioned when she started processing human emotions it wasnt something her observer brain was used to.

Type 6 Chidi AnagonyeThe Loyalist

The likable Chidi Anagonye was many things a brainiac a great friend a scene stealer and an incredibly anxious person. Most of his time in The Good Place was spent freaking out over having to keep someone elses secrets or trying to problem solve. While he had many characteristics of a type 1 or a 5 ultimately Chidi was best known for his loyalty to the people he cared about the most making him a 6.Type 6s are loyalists. They make the best friends and partners because they wont ever leave their side even if they dont agree with someones reasoning. 6s also have a lot of trust issues and fear of being alone much like Chidi. At the end of the day 6s feel safe when they know they are loved and cared for and Eleanor did her best to make Chidi feel that he was.

Type 7 Jason Mendoza The Enthusiast

Jason Mendoza lived a short yet exciting life on Earth. He was constantly putting himself in questionable situations without thinking through the consequences or repercussions. It wasnt because he didnt care it was simply because he wanted to have a good time.Type 7s are enthusiasts and they want everything they do to be a good time. Just like Jason 7s are playful and fun to be around. They dont take life too seriously because they arent all that serious. This can cause them to sometimes be a bit too carefree at times though seeing the world through their optimistic lens is something worth envying.

Type 8 VickyThe Challenger

Vicky was another demon working in The Good Place even playing the role of the Real Eleanor Shellstrop. Headstrong and confident Vicky challenged Michael when it came to his grand plan making a good case for herself to Shawn as to why she should be in charge of the experiment instead of him.Type 8s are challengers. They question authority and theyre good at it. They dont back down when someone comes at them instead they make their argument ten times stronger. Vicky was a textbook challenger always speaking her mind and willing to fight for what she wanted.

Type 9 The Judge The Peacemaker

The Judge was the ultimate decider of who went to The Good Place The Bad Place or The Medium Place. She was judgmental because she had to be and her role in society was all about making the world a better place even if that meant exiling all the bad people once they died.Type 9s are peacemakers. They strive for peace and harmony in their lives and in the lives of the ones they love. The Judge was a peacemaker for everyone in the world deciding who had earned goodness and who needed to be tortured for all of eternity. 9s hold the rest of the world together just as the Judge did.

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