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Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak gets short-fused with all three players as they incorrectly guess puzzles too early

One player rang in after one letter appeared, another after two and the third then repeated an earlier answer – he called it a struggle.

The second toss-up puzzle in the round of three on Friday was looking for “Staying Late. The three eager contestants started guessing it early. Stacey on the right side of the stage rang in with only one letter up. Starting late?” she guessed. No” Pat, 75, said, looking surprised she felt ready.


Jeff then decided to buzz in after two letters- and drew a blank saying nothing. The host apprehended the third player Linda was about to ring with two letters and interrupted her. “Linda just wait – wait until you’re sure you know it. Just make sure all the letters don’t come up.” Oh,” Jeff awkwardly muffled as it seemed the host was implying they didn’t know how to play Wheel of Fortune.All three contestants then decided to give it a moment at that point – and the third player, Linda, rang in when all letters were up but a “Y”.

“Starting late?” she guessed – which made Pat lose his nerve as it was the same guess as Stacey’s. “Don’t beat yourself up too badly” he said imitating the third player who hit her forehead in frustration. No one gets that one,” he concluded and turned his back to the camera and away from the contestants. Pat then took a moment to himself before moving on. The third toss-up puzzle went a bit better as Jeff got it with “Succeeding” Pat harshly remarked as all three toss-ups went a bit clunky for his liking: “That was a struggle.


Pat previously hinted at stepping away from the game he has hosted for four decades alongside Vanna. He told ET back in September: “In most television shows by this time, you would have said, ‘That’s probably enough,’ but this show will not die.””It appears I may go before the show,” Pat added. The TV star- who has received plenty of backlash recently for a controversial photo – then said: “Years go by fast. We’re getting near the end. It’s been a long [time].


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