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What We Do in the Shadows Breathes New Life Into Mockumentaries

What We Do in the Shadows is a smash hit show based off of the movie of the same name. The series utilizes the mockumentary format to tell the story of vampires living on Staten Island. The show not only uses the mockumentary format, but it uses it better than almost any other series. While many series struggle to justify why the camera crew is there, or seemingly forget about the format altogether, What We Do in the Shadows fully embraces the style and even incorporates the crew into some scenes of the show.

What We Do in the Shadows was a movie made by Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi in 2014 and then the concept was used to launch a show in 2019. The show has had three successful seasons with a fourth season set to air sometime this year. The show follows the lives of three regular vampires, an energy vampire and their familiar servant, who also happens to be a vampire hunter. The vampires live on Staten Island and the show follows the making of a documentary about the secret lives of vampires and their society. The mockumentary style suits the show perfectly, and it makes the well-used narrative style feel fresh and new.


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