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What time is The Good Doctor on ABC tonight?

It’s time for The Good Lawyer‘s backdoor pilot in The Good Doctor tonight, Monday, March 13. Don’t miss a beat of the new episode live.

Kennedy McMann isn’t planning on being out of work for too long. With Nancy Drew canceled, she’s moving onto The Good Lawyer. Now ABC needs to pick it up to series, and it all relies on strong ratings in The Good Doctor tonight, Monday, March 13. Dr. Shaun Murphy is facing a malpractice suit. His lawyer thinks that it would be best to settle, but that’s not what McMann’s Joni thinks. She doesn’t see why Shaun should settle for saving a man’s life.

We get a brief look at some of the events that lead to the trial. Shaun and Park save a man from a car accident, but they need to amputate his hand. That leads to a malpractice lawsuit. Joni may be inexperienced, but Shaun can see that her OCD will help him in the case, and he is willing to give her the chance. After all, he’s only where he is now because people gave him the chance.

When do new episodes of The Good Doctor air on ABC?
The new episode will air tonight, Monday, March 13. It will air at 10 p.m. ET/PT as usual, straight after a new episode of The Bachelor. If you do happen to miss it live, you can watch it on Hulu the following day. It’s worth watching it as soon as possible if you want to see The Good Lawyer picked up to series.


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