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What Martha Stewart discovered when looking into the houses of Khloé Kardashian and Kris Jenner

On the episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” airing on Thursday, Stewart quipped, “They live sort of in a compound.” They live in beautiful homes. There are numerous chambers, such as 150 Hermés wallets in a closet.
Stewart, 81, claimed that while perusing their not-so-modest homes, she “got to look inside every closet, every refrigerator. “Stewart acknowledged, “[I went] into basements, attics — well, they don’t have an attic, but [I went] everywhere. We had such a nice time. A beautiful home tour.

Previously, Kardashian, 38, gushed about the original housewife and shared images of their day together. At the time, Kardashian posted a series of photographs with Stewart and Jenner on Instagram along with the caption, “We had lunch with the ICON, the QUEEN herself, @marthastewart48.” I’ve always loved Queen Martha, and I still do. She is a badass who is driven, ambitious, and kind. She’s super organised. In the kitchen, she throws down. She enjoys gardening. She adores both animals and CBD. And she is not a spy. “This is my kind of Queen,” continued Kardashian. In a cute Instagram picture, Jenner, 67, also fangirled over the “Martha Stewart Living” show.

“Martha!!!! How can I express my gratitude for coming to the house to assist me in surprising @khloekardashian? For a very long time, I have sincerely admired and looked up to you. When writing at the moment. She continued, “You have been such an inspiration to me in so many ways! I love to celebrate, to entertain, to cook, to garden, to create moments for my family and through the years I have been so excited and delighted by your shows, your magazines, your recipes, your holiday decorations and tips, and your overall style.” The former cast member of Saturday Night Live made his first live. On End of Article BOL Stories of the day Sadie Robertson reveals the gender of Baby Mandy Moore shares a glimpse of her married life with Taylor Goldsmith Travis Barker claims sharing his IVF journey with Kourtney Kardashian No Greater Husband: Mandy Moore’s 4th Anniversary Message Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt shares the name of their newborn son Glimpse of Leslie Jordan house before he passed away


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