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What is new Hulu Original series Tell Me Lies about?

Still also you ll be happy to know Hulu has acclimated her tale into a series If you re a addict of 2018 book Tell Me Lies A new by author Carola Lovering. Meaghan Oppenheimer serves as show runner and superintendent patron. Plus actress Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss also take on EP duties. Grounded on the books synopsis the story is about the one person who still haunts you the wrong bone The bone you could nt let go of or forget. Will the series follow the books plot nearly We ll have to stay and see. And we ll be knowing veritably soon!

Tell Me Lies release date
Tell Me Lies premieres Wednesday September 7 on Hulu. Its not known yet how numerous occurrences the new show will have.

Whats Tell Me Lies about
According to Hulu the series follows a tumultuous but intoxicating relationship between Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco over the course of eight times. The two match in council and though it starts off as any typical lot love they snappily fall into an addicting trap that will alter their lives and those around them. Oppenheimer told Cosmopolitan that the series is an disquisition of poisonous connections. The show runner said Lucy sees the red flags when she first meets Stephan but ignores them.

Tell Me Lies cast
Grace Van Patten stars in the super eminent part as Lucy Albright. The well acclimated girl from an rich Long Island city has a cool address earning her the marker of ice queen among her musketeers according to Hulu. But beneath that dispassionate Lucy is hiding a nonage trauma that leaves her disconnected from her peers. When she meets Stephen she sees a dark band in him that she recognizes in herself and will inadvertently bring her demons to light.

Leading man Jackson White will portray Stephen DeMarco. The fellow council pupil has an enigmatic quality and is suitable to read people. But underneath his charm is a dark side. When he meets Lucy he brings out a side of her thats immersing and shocking. The two will embark on a tumultuous trip with impacts that neither could have prognosticated Hulu shares.Rounding out the cast are Catherine Missal as Bree Spencer House as Wrigley Sonia Mena as Pippa Branden Cook as Evan Benjamin Wadsworth as Drew Alicia Crowder as Diana.

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