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Virgin River: The Main Characters, Ranked By Likability

Theres nothing quite like watching some comfort television and Virgin River tops the list with its diverse and complex characters each with their own engaging story arcs. The show draws audiences in right from the start with enigmatic but lovely Mel handsome Jack sullen Mullins and the delicious possibility of a new personal mystery always lurking within the conifers.Virgin River had its share of really hateful characters and townspeople who were magnetic and instantly lovable. Everyone was given origin stories and deeper aspects to their personalities which the show revealed slowly much to the delight of the fans. But how do they rank from least to most lovable?

10 Dan Brady

Lack of gratitude arrogance and no dignity of labor were some of the traits that made Brady so awful. He was a pathological liar who bit the hand that fed him. Jack gave him several chances to redeem himself after his life as a Marine but Brady wanted the easy way out and got involved with a drug lord.Even the few vestiges of decency he showed at the end by not killing Spencer do little to redeem his terrible actions from the rest of the show.

9 Charmaine Roberts

Jacks on again off again fling was easily one of the most irritating characters on Virgin River. Initially she seemed like a woman pining for unrequited love but when that pining turned into open hostility towards Mel she became extremely unlikeable. Her presence in the show is a lot more than in the books too.Through her pregnancy she was catty aggressive and deliberately difficult even though Doc and Mel were only trying to help her get through her complicated term. The snide comments and unnecessary outbursts made Charmaine one of the most hateful characters on the show.

8 Hope McCrea

Although Hope claimed to be caring and loving of the town and its people her actions seemed to demonstrate differently. Her friendships were transactional she was always trying to one up her pals and her refusal to learn from her mistakes grated on audiences nerves.Moreover her game of setting up Doc and Muriel was unnecessarily cruel to both parties and her lack of boundaries with Jack and Mel made things infinitely difficult for the couple. And she stubbornly believed that she was right every time.

7 Paige Lassiter

Paige had a tragic backstory but her initial aura of shadiness never really left her which made her quite unlikeable. It was obvious that whatever she did she did to protect her son and herself from an abusive husband but the lies mixed with murder just made her arc a stressful one to watch.She also took help from Preacher when she needed him involved him in her mess and then cut him out and left town mysteriously.

6 Ricky

Ricky was a sweet teenager who worked hard at Jacks Bar and was slowly discovering the joys of adolescent love. His latent rebellious streak also made an appearance when he started dating Lizzie but even that didnt really make Ricky interesting.He was a token youth element added to the show and his character didnt really pique audiences interests which is why they were neutral to the gangly teenager and his episodes.

5 Mark Monroe

Mels late husband made appearances on the show in the form of flashbacks and in most of those he was an endearing man. It was clear that he loved Mel dearly and helped his wife pick up the pieces after they lost their baby. His kindness as a doctor also shone through those scattered flashbacks and so did his personality.Just because he was dead the show didnt portray him as a one dimensional caricature. He had hobbies sailing and a highly logical mind. His sweet disposition made him an instant hit with fans.

4 Doc Mullins

In the first few episodes of the show Doc seemed like an antagonist. He hated Mel didnt trust her expertise and stomped angrily around town. But then fans found out that he didnt like feeling like he was growing too old to care for his own service it slowly started making sense.His unconditional help to people without discrimination he treated people at Calvins pot camp and his devotion to Hope after years of estrangement won fans over. He also became like a father figure to Mel who needed all the support she could get.

3 Preacher Middleton

Jacks most efficient employee and friend Preacher was hardworking and honest. His genuineness towards people was extremely endearing as was the fact that he was extremely dependable. He covered Jacks shifts at the bar like a pro helped Paige without any hesitation and was a most pleasant presence at the eatery.He was most unselfish in all aspects of life and fans actually liked that he shed that and considered a better job after being shortchanged by Jack on a promotion.

2 Jack Sheridan

As the male lead of the show Jack was everything Virgin River audiences wanted and more. His army background along with his entrepreneurial spirit which allowed him to thrive in life after the wars made him a strong and dependable character. He was obviously head over heels with Mel and his chivalry and care towards made fans feel warm and tingly.He also had immense faith in the goodness of people like Brady and there is something endearing about a character that insists on seeing the best in everybody. Lets hope he survives that gunshot.

1 Mel Monroe

Melinda is a complex character. She is naturally caring and nurturing which makes her a great nurse and friend but she also has many tangled emotions to battle with because of the many tragedies she had to face. She does both with a brave face and perennial kindness which makes her so lovable.Her journey through her grief of losing a child and a husband makes her very relatable to people and her willingness to heal her patients and others around her makes her a truly good human being.


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