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Virgin River: The 10 Best Characters

It is but obvious that one of the best shows on everyones Netflix watch list would have some stellar characters and Virgin River is definitely full of richly written players who are fleshed out well. The best part about all these characters is that they are instantly relatable which viewers love to see.

10 Mark Monroe

Mels husband who died tragically early was a man with a sweet disposition and the desire to help others. As a doctor he did the latter but his kindness was not just limited to his profession. He loved his wife immensely and supported her at each hurdle be it a miscarriage dealing with the death of a parent or a bad day at work.Mark was also an intelligent fellow who liked the outdoors and he was innately warm which made him instantly likable. He was a huge part of the first two seasons of Virgin River but his limited presence in season 3 ranks him lower though audiences still gravitated towards him.

9 Doc Mullins

A character who started off as gruff and unfriendly evolved into one of the most caring people in the little town. After Doc accepted Mel as his second and opened his heart to Hopes love his kindness glinted through the rough exterior. The senior doctor would go to great lengths to help his patients and even those in Calvins camp.His concern and undying love for Hope was endearing and even a bit sad to watch in seasons 2 and 3 as was his struggle with his eye disease. But everything pales in comparison to the goodness Doc Mullins harbors in his heart.

8 Mel Monroe

Even though the town of Virgin River is one that is close knit and helpful to one another few people are as empathetic and nurturing as Mel is. The LA native came to the small town to get away from her big city life which reminded her of her dead husband and mother but even that couldnt stop her from being the most hands on nurse practitioner ever seen.She could put aside her personal grudges and emotions to help ungrateful people like Charmaine and the whole town sought her out to solve their issues just like Lilly did about her cancer diagnosis. Mel truly has a heart of gold.

7 Brie Sheridan

A relatively new entrant on the show Brie seemed right at home in Virgin River. Like most other characters she was running from her past namely her abusive partner and the PTSD she had because of her trauma. Brie was an engaging character whose story arc was interesting for viewers to watch.The slow unraveling of her past and story made her an intriguing character and even her romance with Brady kept people hooked. It was also sweet of Brie to take care of Jack after he got shot.

6 Lilly

Since the beginning of Virgin River Lilly has had a tough life and lots to cope with. Starting with her unplanned late pregnancy after her husbands death and having to take her daughters help to raise Chloe she tackled everything like a pro while keeping a smile on her face.Fans loved her soft spoken ways and her dedication to overcoming obstacles so it broke their hearts when she was diagnosed with cancer and then passed away too soon in her sleep. Her conversations with Mel about babies was perhaps the first semblance of catharsis Mel had had and Lillys generosity wont be forgotten quickly.

5 Jack Sheridan

The owner of the only bar in Virgin River has had a tough few years but this last season was especially brutal on the ex Marine. Jack got shot lost his memory had his house burnt down and battled with the possibility of his twins getting snatched from him but his reliability and dedication to the townspeople and Mel didnt go down even a bit. Jack and Mel made for a strong couple and his devotion to fulfilling all her needs is a big reason.He was affected by the house fire but he kept a cheerful face and kept moving forward. Fans love that despite being a romantic he doesnt neglect his own needs which showed especially when he told Mel that he couldnt willingly get pregnant with her because he had too much on his plate.

4 Preacher Middleton

Selfless Preacher had neglected his own life in the show to be able to help Paige and Christopher. He was an absolute rock when Paiges abusive husband showed up and then put his life on the line by getting rid of the body. Realistically a strapping young man like Preacher should be out there living his life but he gave up everything to care for a young boy.It speaks volumes about the lovely person he was because he also gave his buddy Jack the support he needed at his bar at the expense of his own career. Preacher is amazingly generous and fans hope that he made it after that finale and that he gets his own story arc soon.

3 Hope McCrea

Fans either love or hate Hope. Either way they were disappointed with the lack of Hope screen time in season 3 and then her accident left her fate in the balance.Despite being meddlesome and inappropriately competitive with the town folk Hope was quite an entertaining character and it would be a shame to lose her. Her love story with Doc was exceptionally sweet and fans are eager to see the explosive reaction she would have to Docs supposed grandson. Her vivacious personality was second to none.

2 Lizzie

Connies niece grew from the thrill seeking insensitive girl she was in the last two seasons into a mature and emotional young woman that fans enjoyed watching. She was incredibly encouraging of Ricky and her influence on him was no longer a bad one but full of positivity.She wanted her boyfriend to lighten up and was devoted to him which was why it broke her heart when he went ahead and applied to get enlisted with the forces without even consulting her. She seemed serious about the relationship and he breached her trust. Fans still want to see Lizzie more than Ricky in upcoming seasons because of her natural likability.

1 Joey Barnes

Mels sister was her biggest cheerleader even when she didnt understand why Mel was doing certain things. She was the perfect sister and perhaps the closest confidante that Mel had. Despite her own problems like her impending divorce proceedings and the custody of her kids which was uncertain she heard her sister out and consoled her.Joeys presence in Virgin River was strong considering she lived miles away in LA. She visited when she could and her story arc got quite interesting in the third season making her a character to watch out for.

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