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Virgin River Season 4 might come between May & August! Let’s explore the possible plotline!

Netflixs romantic drama Virgin River Season 4 completed filming and is coming in 2022. But the release date for the fourth season is yet to be revealed. Meanwhile Netflix greenlit the fifth season of the series in September 2021.While its obvious Virgin River Season 4 will arrive in 2022 is it possible for Season 5 to get a release date in the same year? Before answering this lets have a quick recap of the last three seasons and discuss what to expect from the fourth season.The series is adapted from the Robyn Carr series of novels. Virgin River follows Mel Alexandra Breckenridge a young midwife and nurse practitioner who moves out of the big city to a small rustic town in Northern California to start a new job. She wished it will be the perfect place to start fresh and leave her painful memories behind. But she soon discovers that small town living isnt quite as simple as she expected. She must learn to heal herself before she can truly make the Virgin River her home.In the first two seasons Mel is introduced to different people in the town as well as Jack Sheridan Martin Henderson the Bartender and owner of the local bar. Jack runs his bar jointly with his friend Preacher. Several dramatic stories happen in Mels life in the series.
n Virgin River Season 2 Mel became pregnant but the name of the father of her baby is still unknown. Meanwhile one day Mel found Jack bleeding out on the floor of his bar after being shot. It was cleared in the third season that the culprit was Brady Benjamin Hollingsworth who was arrested for shooting Jack. However Brady insisted he was not the killer.Besides the mayor of Virgin River Hope Annette OToole returned to the town and had a brain injury after having a car accident. She was in serious condition. Thankfully she was alive and admitted to a hospital.Virgin River Season 4 will continue from the end of the third season as the series left fans with questions about the fate of several characters and their relationships. In the last season Jack took out a ring and Mel surprised him with the news that she is pregnant. But he has not fathered her child.

The mystery will be solved in Virgin River Season 4. The showrunner Sue Tenney said to TVLine that her late husband Mark Daniel Gillies could be the father.Youll find out by the end of the fourth season said Tenney.If the baby isnt Jacks what does that mean for the couple? It would be immensely difficult Breckenridge told E!. That would be extremely challenging especially for Jack. If hes going to stick around if hes devoted to Mel thats going to be hard to have a baby thats her dead husbands baby. Thats just like asking a lot.However Sue Tenney also promises that Jack and Mel are going to get married in Virgin River Season 4. She said Eventually they are going to get married.

The cast members of Virgin River Season 4

As for its cast list Virgin River Season 4 is likely to bring back Jack Martin Henderson CharmaineLauren Hammersley Doc Tim Matheson Preacher Colin Lawrence Ricky Grayson Gurnsey Lizzie Sarah Dugdale Brady Benjamin Hollingsworth Brie Zibby Allen Mel Alexandra Breckenridge John Colin Lawrence and Hope Annette OToole among others.

The release date for Virgin River Season 4 and Season 5

Currently there is no official release date for Virgin River Season 4. Meanwhile Netflix approved the fifth season of the series in September 2021. As for the release date of Virgin River Season 5 Breckenridge said if the filming for Virgin River Season 5 starts this summer then apparently the fifth season will be out in 2023.Breckenridge said Season five we were supposed to start in March but weve been pushed so… I dont know. I dont know man. Im hoping that maybe well start in the summer. It would be nice to film in Vancouver in the summer rather than the winter.Now lets talk about the release date for Virgin River Season 4. If we look back the first two seasons of Virgin River were released just seven months apart but there was a short gap between Virgin River Season 2 and Season 3. So we could expect Virgin River season 4 to release anytime between May and August 2022. Netflix Life also predicted the same.We will keep you updated as soon as we get any information from the makers. Stay tuned to get more updates.

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