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‘Virgin River’: A Christmas Special Could Be in the Works

Netflixs drama series Virgin River is based on the beloved novels by Robyn Carr. The series follows Mel Monroe Alexandra Breckenridge a nurse who leaves her life in Los Angeles for a fresh start in the small town. Though she moves to Virgin River to heal Mel finds herself falling for Jack Sheridan Martin Henderson a retired Marine who owns the towns bar.As fans are anticipating the release of season 4 of the show there is hope that a Christmas special could be in the works.

Virgin River Season 4 will be released in 2022

Filming for Virgin River Season 4 ended just before the holiday season in 2021. The series is currently in post production and since it typically takes about six months for a series to move through post and land on the streamer fans are hoping that Virgin River Season 4 will launch this summer.

A Virgin River Christmas special could be in the works

Since Virgin River Seasons 4 and season 5 got renewed at the same time there is hope that we wont have to wait a full year in between the seasons. In fact filming for season 5 is slated to begin in July 2022. Originally it had been marked for March 2022. Season five we were supposed to start in March Breckenridge revealed via Express. But weve been pushed so… I dont know. I dont know man. Im hoping that maybe well start in the summer. It would be nice to film in Vancouver in the summer rather than the winter.Since things are delayed fans are hoping that Netflix will throw in a Virgin River Christmas special to appease fans. There was speculation about a special for season 3. However since the season ended with a slew of cliffhangers it wouldnt have made much sense.

Season 4 will be extra long

There have been some hints about what fans can expect to see when Virgin River finally does return to Netflix. I cant tell you too much because itll give it away but you find out whats going on Henderson told The Digital Fix via Hello. Im just going to say that season four reveals and answers all the questions but then presents some more. I think season four is going to be really satisfying for people because of that giant cliffhanger. There were multiple cliffhangers which gives a little love/hate situation for the audience where they love but hate the wait. Its going to be worth it because the writers really answer that stuff. I think people will be satisfied.

Hopefully we will find out who really shot Jack if Mels baby is actually Jacks biological child and well see Preacher Colin Lawrence survive his attack. Most importantly were desperate to see Charmaine Lauren Hammersley give birth.Interestingly enough season 4 is slated to be 12 episodes instead of 10 episodes like previous seasons.


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