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Virgin River: 10 Things We Want To See In Season 4

Netflixs Virgin River not only provides charming restful moments but also riveting twists and shocking cliffhangers which makes the show so addictive. Each episode is known to end with shockers that compel viewers to scramble to the next episode but even Virgin River outdid itself with the season 3 finale.The hotly anticipated third season ended with Mel being pregnant and unsure of the paternity which she revealed to Jack right as he proposed to her. Preacher is drugged by Sally with no indication of what is going to happen next Ricky enlists with the Marines and Hope is languishing in the hospital after a fatal accident. The fate of so many beloved characters hangs in the balance that the fourth season cant come soon enough for fans to learn what happens next.

10 Who Shot Jack And Burnt His Home

Fans were left wondering about Jacks survival in season 2 finale of Virgin River and while he made it to season 3 they are still in the dark about who shot the bar owner. Somebody in the Virgin River and Clear River area definitely has it out for Jack since he ended up with a burnt home shortly after being gunned down.Its about time that Jacks memory of that fateful night returns and the real culprit behind both crimes is revealed. Brady was arrested for shooting Jack but it seems highly unlikely that hes the real perpetrator.

9 More Screen Time Between Lizzie And Doc

In one of the most pleasantly unexpected turns of events Lizzie and Doc ended up getting acquainted and then closer to each other because they needed to organize the Lumberjack Games on short notice. As somebody who merely started off as a minor character Lizzie has really developed into a lovely and caring young woman and her chance encounter with Doc has blossomed into a sweet friendship.Fans loved it when Lizzie visited Doc in hospital with AirPods and music to listen to to make him feel better and it seems that Lizzie finally has the paternal love she needs while Doc has the support of a daughter figure.

8 Hopes Recovery

While Hope can be endearing or irritating on Virgin River and nobody wanted her to be killed off. Annette OToole who plays her in the show wasnt able to film season 3 with the cast due to Covid 19 restrictions and appeared on the show only through video and phone calls.Her car accident on her way back to the town was surprising and the last time she was mentioned was in hospital in a medically induced coma and a dangerous fever. Fans would love to see Hope recover and get back on her feet so that she can return to her shenanigans and meddling because the show seems a lot less fun without her presence.

7 The Twins

In season 3 viewers expected to see the birth of the twins and some hint of the actual paternity of the babies which may or may not be Jacks. However Charmaine was still pregnant this time round and strangely enough she barely showed which confused audiences a lot initially.Hopefully the next season will see the twins entering the world and Jack finally getting closure on what their living state will be. He also has a long and complicated custody battle against Charmaine and Todd lying ahead of him if he is the father of the children.

6 The End Of The Wes/Vince Saga

One of the biggest mysteries in the earlier seasons of Virgin River was Paiges real identity and her past her marriage to Wes and his intimidating aura hung over Paige or Michelle like a dark cloud. It seemed as though the threat had passed when Paige killed him in self defense but Wes brother Vince returned to seek revenge on her.The plotline got little attention through season 3 but the season finale sees Preacher being drugged and left for the dead with Vince in the same house as Christopher and Connie. It will be satisfying to see Paige finding a way to finish the endless menace of Vince and little Christopher leading a normal life with his mother.

5 Brie Staying In Virgin River

Bries sudden appearance in Virgin River and her uncharacteristic behavior stayed unexplained till the end of the last season and it was heartbreaking to hear about the sexual assault and trauma that had been inflicted on her. She tells Mel that she will be leaving the town but fans hope that the new entrant would stay in Virgin River on a more permanent basis.Brie is a strong independent woman who supported Jack when she could and became fast friends with Mel. Her romance with Brady is also fun to watch so she would be a welcome presence in the next season of the show too.

4 Docs Grandson

Virgin River differs from the books by Robyn Carr in several ways and this seems to be one of those plotlines that only exists in the show. The finale sees the entry of a young man who comes to Jo Ellens B&B to book a room and upon a bit of probing Jo Ellen learns that he is Vernons grandson.This mystery is certainly one that fans are excited to see unravel over the next season since it means that either Doc and Hope had a child that they gave up for adoption or that the grandson is actually Docs son from his affair with Charmaines mother. These are just theories at this point and the reality of this new character could be wildly different too.

3 A Happy Ending For Charmaine

Unpredictable spiteful and irritable Charmaine was definitely not one of the best characters of Virgin River. Where fans found Hope meddlesome they straight up abhorred Charmaine because of her mean and nasty ways with Mel and Jack both.This changed a fair bit in season 3 because fans saw her enter a controlling relationship and struggle with what she wanted versus what Todd wanted at all times. She was vulnerable and Todd took advantage of her situation by marrying her on a whim and making all the decisions for their family. Even though Charmaine is annoying it would be nice to see her find some peace with her children after two tumultuous relationships.

2 Mel Having A Successful Pregnancy

One of the running themes from the beginning of the show has been Mels desire to have children and the grief that shrouds her because of her inability to do so. She had suffered a miscarriage with Mark and had to constantly deal with her patients miscarriages which reminded her of her own trauma.Seeing her positive pregnancy test in season 3 was a pleasant surprise and whether the child is Jacks or Marks fans want to see their favorite nurse practitioner deliver a healthy baby and become a mother in season 4.

1 Preachers Safety And A Better Plot For Him

There are many questions left unanswered in season 3 of Virgin River with Preachers fate being one of the biggest ones. The ex Marines entire plot revolved around caring for Christopher and looking over his shoulder for Vince which made fans feel like he deserved a lot more than that.They hope that in season 4 Preacher reaches safety after his unsavory encounter with Sally and that he can focus on himself and his well being for a change. He has big dreams and a new partnership with Jack and it would be refreshing to see him pursue his interests and maybe even date someone new instead of doing Paiges work for her all the time.

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