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Virana’s Plan In Raya And The Last Dragon Explained (& Who Voices Her)

Virana is a complex character and one of Raya And The Last Dragon’s main antagonists. Here’s Virana’s plan explained and which actor voices her. What is Viranas plan in Raya And The Last Dragon and who voices the character? Disneys 2021 animation Raya And The Last Dragon follows the adventures of a fierce warrior princess named Raya Kelly Marie Tran who hails from the mystical land of Kumandra. Hundreds of years before she was born Kumandra was a peaceful land until it was overrun by evil spirits known as Druun who turned its people into stone. Luckily a dragon named Sisu Awkwafina crafted a gemstone that was able to keep the Druun at bay and revive the petrified people. On the downside however a power struggle for the gemstone arose and resulted in Kumandra being divided into five different tribes – Heart Fang Spine Talon and Tail.

Raya And The Last Dragon picks up half a century later and reveals Chief Benja Daniel Dae Kim – leader of the Heart tribe and Rayas father  has the gemstone and training his daughter to protect it. Benja believes he can unite the five Kumandras tribes and invites them for a feast but during the festivities the Fang tribe  led by Chiefess Virana  try to steal the gemstone resulting in it shattering into five different pieces. Each of the five pieces are then snatched up by Kumandras tribes but the gemstones destruction releases the Druun who take over the Heart tribes land and turn many Kumandran people into stone including Chief Benja himself.

RELATED:RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGONS BINTURI WORD MEANING. The main plot of Pixars Raya And The Last Dragon then follows Raya as she sets out to find the dragon Sisu retrieve the missing fragments to rebuild the gemstone and banish the Druun so she can revive her people and restore harmony. Along the way shes pursued on her mission by the Fangs warrior princess Namaari Gemma Chan who is acting under orders from her mother Chiefess Virana to collect the fragments. But what is Viranas end game in Raya And The Last Dragon? What she wants is for Fang to be responsible for the gemstones restoration and defeat of the Druun rather than Raya and the Heart tribe. Virana recognizes the other tribes blame the Fang as it was their plot to steal the gemstone that led to its destruction in the first place and believes the tribe will be forgiven if they restore it

On a more ulterior level its suggested she would also enjoy the power of being the leader responsible for defeating the Druun and uniting Kumandra. Viranas ego soon puts her people in peril but by the end of Raya And The Last Dragon she sees the error of her ways. If Viranas voice sounds familiar thats because shes played by Killing Eve and Greys Anatomy star Sandra Oh. In an interview with EW Oh stated she appreciated how Viranas role in Raya And The Last Dragon wasnt as a one-dimensional villain but a nuanced character who understands the sacrifice and the choices that a leader can make … to protect her people. Oh received praise for her performance as the complex Fang tribe leader and audiences are already wondering whether a Raya And The Last Dragon sequel could be in the works. Disney has yet to confirm whether a sequel is on the cards but hopefully Oh will return as Virana if Raya And The Last Dragon 2 happens.

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