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Viral Red Dead Redemption 2 Video Shows Jack Marston Imitating Arthur Morgan

Without a doubt Red Dead Redemption is one of Rockstar Games most popular games. It may not hold a candle sales-wise to Grand Theft Auto but then again nothing in the industry really does. Its more than enough though that many fans hope to see Red Dead Redemption 3 whether it stars Sadie Adler Jack Marston or a brand new character someday.

WARNING Spoilers Ahead for Red Dead Redemption 2Red Dead 3 is not on the foreseeable horizon but there is plenty of content between the two games to keep returning fans satisfied for quite some time. Of course one bothersome aspect of replaying Red Dead Redemption 1 is how it never really references Arthur Morgan. It is understandable given that he didnt really exist until RDR2 was released but one video has gone viral for showing Jack Marston imitating Arthur Morgan.

This would be impossible but it would be interesting to see if there was some mannerism of John that did connect to Arthur. Unfortunately thats not the case. The Red Dead Redemption video has gone viral because of this possibility—accumulating nearly 140000 views across 11 days from an otherwise small YouTube account Melodic Satisfaction Productions—and it has likely gotten several of those fans with its troll.

The short 5-second video as seen above just shows John Marston coughing. This obviously doesnt mean much of anything in Red Dead Redemption but fans also know that Arthur Morgan dies in Red Dead Redemption 2 from tuberculosis. It is a disease that attacks the lung and there are several gameplay segmentsscenes where Morgan coughs and struggles to get his breath. With just 5 seconds Melodic Satisfaction Productions was able to reel people in and deliver a powerful darkly hilarious troll.

Red Dead fans seem to be taking it in stride though. One comment talks about how this video couldve gone in any number of ways but instead chose one little discreet cough to bring everyone back like a punch to the gut. Others used the moment to joke about the possibility of Arthur Morgan being Jack Marstons father which obviously doesnt correlate but is a funny nod to in-game dialogue and suggestions that John may not be Jacks father he probably is though. Either way this video has likely brought as many laughs as it has heartbreaks and that really speaks to the franchises popularity. Video game characters die all the time but only a few can leave a lasting impact like Arthur Morgan and John Marstons death before him.

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