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Vincenzo’s Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, rank, monthly income, and more stats in April 2022

Free Fire has a thriving community of successful content creators that provide varied content to engage the games massive fanbase. Vincenzo is a famous YouTuber known for his entertaining and skilled gameplay videos. The player from the Middle East server has built a name for himself worldwide accomplishing 6.85 million subscribers in total. At the same time Vincenzo has a significant following on Instagram with 729k followers. Free Fire is banned in India and players from the country are advised not to engage in this battle royale title. What is Vincenzos Free Fire ID Vincenzos Free Fire ID is 437144862. His stats within the battle royale title are as follows

Vincenzo has played 1206 solo matches and holds a win tally of 110 games adding to a win percentage of 9.12%. He has accumulated 3065 kills at a KD ratio of 2.80. The content creator even has 1758 duo games to the profile and has bettered the opposition 307 times converting to a 17.46%win rate. The YouTuber has racked up 5211 frags registering a killtodeath ratio of 3.59. Besides the two the player has made 23822 appearances in the squad matches and amassed 3922 Booyahs resulting in a win ratio of 16.46%. He has bagged 89155 kills chalking up a KD ratio of 4.4 Vincenzo has participated in 21 ranked squad games and amassed two victories corresponding to a win ratio of 9.52%.

He has 63 frags corresponding to a KD ratio of 3.32. The player is yet to feature in any other ranked games this Free Fire ranked season. The content creator has won 3010 of the 5219 Clash Squad matches he has played so far resulting in a win percentage of 57.67%. With a KDA of 2.63 Vincenzo has taken down 51455 opponents alongside an average damage per match of 5164.Vincenzo is placed in Diamond 2 in BR and CS Ranked modes. He is part of the OverPower guild led by another popular YouTuber OP SYBLUS.

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