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Vin Diesel Shares Last Witch Hunter Throwback Photo

Vin Diesel shares a throwback photo of him sporting a thick beard for The Last Witch Hunter with many fans taking the post as a sequel tease.

Vin Diesel shares a photo of himself with a thick beard as a throwback to The Last Witch Hunter. Released in 2015 The Last Witch Hunter saw Diesel take on the role of Kaulder the only being standing between humanity and the dark powers of historys most terrifying witches. After killing the Witch Queen more than eight centuries ago Kaulder becomes cursed with immortality and joins forces with a presentday witchhunting group called the Axe and Cross when the Witch Queen returns.

The Last Witch Hunter earned mostly poor reviews from both audiences and critics and currently sits at a dismal 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite its mediocre box office performance Diesel confirmed in 2020 while promoting Bloodshot that a sequel to The Last Witch Hunter was in the works. Information regarding the sequel has been hard to come by since the initial announcement but Diesel hinted at the start of the pandemic that a The Last Witch Hunter 2 script was in fact being written. With Diesels current commitments to the final two installments of the Fast & Furious franchise its unclear what the status of the project currently is.

In a new post on Instagram Diesel shares a throwback image of himself with the thick Vikingstyle beard he sported for portions of The Last Witch Hunter. Diesel captions the post Happy Creative Sunday… with many fans in the comments clearly taking the post as a tease regarding The Last Witch Hunter 2.

While Diesel doesnt explicitly say anything about The Last Witch Hunter 2 in the post the caption could certainly be hinting that work is still ongoing on the sequel. Fast X filming is currently underway and Fast & Furious 11 also has yet to be filmed but its possible that in his offtime Diesel is still pushing forward with The Last Witch Hunter 2. Its still far too early for any official plot or cast information about the sequel but its fair to assume that if a sequel does happen Diesel will return as Kaulder.

Following Justin Lins recent departure from Fast X after production on the film had already started reports of Diesels unprofessional behavior on set began to surface. It remains unclear if there is any truth to these reports but if Diesel is as difficult to work with as some have suggested its possible that The Last Witch Hunter 2 will have more trouble getting made. Diesel has struggled to successfully branch out from the Fast & Furious franchise in recent years but if a sequel to The Last Witch Hunter does get made perhaps it will prove that Diesel remains a relevant star even when hes not playing Dominic Toretto.

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