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Vin Diesel Remembers Paul Walker As He Begins Fast X Shooting Latters Daughter Reacts

Vin Diesel pens an emotional note for late Paul Walker after beginning the shoot of the 10th installment of the Fast and Furious franchise Fast X.  Fast and Furious franchise namely Fast X. Just a day after the movie hit the floor the main protagonist Diesel aka Dominic Toretto took to Instagram to pen down an emotional note for later actor Paul Walker aka Brian OConner. In his heartwarming letter Diesel shared there isnt a single day that goes by when he does not reminisce about the moments spent with Paul Walker.
Every Fast film honours my brother Vin Diesel

In the open letter Diesel mentioned that it was his daughter who corrected the script of Fast X by reminding him and the director to include Mias character in the movie. No Mia No Fast 10 said Diesels daughter when she read the initial script excluding Mia. He wrote Yes Your opinion has always mattered. When the F10 script came in it excluded Mia Toretto…. Someone whom Ive attributed the brotherhood of Dom and Brian to… I was so disappointed that I could not see how I could continue… After all I was not going to make another Fast unless Brian was back in Four… I dont need to remind you of the petitions you sent the studio for Lettys return at the the end of FIve. Side note you will never believe who corrected the very important role of Mia… my daughter the Alpha Angel who told the director very plainly and honestly NO MIA NO FAST 10! haha. The irony is that the day she was born I was filming with Jordanna and Pablo and it was Jordanna who I first told… profound right

Later Diesel added that there isnt a single day when he does not think of Paul Walker. According to him if he could turn back time he would talk Walker out of heading to LA on the thanksgiving weekend which resulted in his tragic demise. Diesel explained that every Fast movie that he makes honours his bond and brother with Paul Walker. The actor further asserted that he will continue to look after Walkers family as his own because for him the brotherhood the duo shared in real life meant everything. He concluded

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