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Vanderpump Rules Celebrity Fans Of Vanderpump Rules

Some of Vanderpump Rules biggest fans are actually major celebrities. Hopefully they will follow the cast members stories on a potential spinoff. Fans of Vanderpump Rules come in all shapes and sizes and a surprising number are some of Hollywoods most famous celebrities. The reality series starring Lisa Vanderpump and her ragtag crew of waitstaff captured imaginations. At SUR Villa Blanca PUMP and finally TomTom Lisa showcased some of Bravos biggest personalities and ridiculous storylines.

Something about watching people at the bottom of Hollywoods social ladder chain-smoking cigarettes in alleys and arguing about who cheated on whom was as relatable as it was entertaining. Now that the series is at a crossroads after a less than successful season 9 its time to look back at the celebrities who boosted the shows brand with their fandom. Reality television is regularly undermined and dismissed as trash TV. However the many glamorous celebrities who supported Vanderpump Rules helped to legitimize The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff and help it claim its place in the spotlight.

In terms of the spectrum of unscripted television Vanderpump Rules especially reeked of gossip and frivolity. However underneath the veneer of nonsense were real friendships power struggles and emotional roller coasters which were arguably as riveting as Shakespearean drama. Here are some celebrity fans who were hooked on the show
Lady Gaga

First up on the list is the one and only Lady Gaga. The superstar exchanged tweets with Lisa claiming the staff members were lucky that they didnt get fired. Lisa welcomed her help in wrangling the sassy cast.
Rihanna The mega-famous Rihanna once said Schwartz attempting to describe a drunken evening was “easily the best clip on tv” and “whoever edited this… were besties in my head.”
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence isnt just the number one fan of The Kardashians as she also has a soft spot for Vanderpump Rules. During a Hunger Games ComicCon panel Jennifer shared that shed even convinced Liam Hemsworth to watch the show. Selena Gome Selena Gomez posted on Instagram in 2018 that the only way she would watch the Vanderpump Rules reunion was with a baby bottle in honor of Lalas self-soothing practice.
Dylan OBrien

Dylan OBrien told GQ that Vanderpump Rules was his comfort show that he watched every night at bedtime and even considered it his The Godfather. He said “Not even kidding. It soothes me theres something about the chaos that settles me.”
Issa Rae Issa Rae stumbled across Vanderpump Rules on a plane and didnt have context as she doesnt watch Real Housewives. Issa fell in love with the show and told Entertainment Weekly in 2021 “I didnt know who Lisa Vanderpump was but watching these people working at a restaurant they just felt like real people who didnt at the time want to be famous.”

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