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Unshackled is not a perfect Apex Legends event but its a step in the right direction

After months of complaints about thematic events Unshackled improves on the formula. Its easy for thematic events in Apex Legends to feel like a glorified shop window. Compared to collection events thematic events bring relatively little new content to the game often only featuring cosmetics to purchase as well as a prize tracker or two to complete. The reputation of thematic events being devoid of content came to a head with the Dark Depths event of season 11. The update brought precious few changes outside a new map to the games stale Arenas mode and cosmetics that could not be purchased directly from the event tab and were only available for individual purchase in store. That meant many of the items available in the event could only be acquired by purchasing event packs or hoping the gear would show up in regular Apex Packs where the chance of getting a cosmetic were diluted by the entire pool.

Collection events on the other hand are almost always accompanied by a limited time mode usually feature a new legend heirloom routinely introduce map changes in the form of town takeovers and allow players to directly unlock any of their cosmetic offerings. In short collection events feel like events and lately thematic events have not. In many ways the newly released Unshackled event is a breath of fresh air improving significantly on the pattern of thematic events as of late. And while it may not be perfect it does show an encouraging course correction for future thematic events.

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