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Understand why Rachel McAdams denies Instagram but embraces Marvel

Rachel McAdams does not tend to live in the digital world, but she does not deny participating in the productions of Marvel Studios. Understand this dilemma.

The “Mean Girls” star has a very different personality from her best-known character. Unlike Regina George, Rachel McAdams , the 43-year-old star, has no affinity for social media. It seems ironic to think about Rachel McAdams’ performance without imagining how much her character would love to live in this world of internet , social networks, stories and all the fascination between fans and celebrities. This is one of those ironies that we can sometimes witness, since the actress does not have any personal and official account on any platform.

A movement contrary to what most celebrities in the world do today, because in this context it is necessary to have interaction and communication, often as a way of working to promote and engage their own work. Over the years, we have made many advances in the technology sector, where we have adapted and witnessed a drastic change in our reality. Who can currently stay offline? Apparently, among some group of people, McAdms is included.

In 2009, she revealed in an interview that she had no idea what the social platform Twitter is, saying about herself being ignorant about this world of social media . Furthermore, she also commented that she does not own a television nor does she have the habit and practice of replying to emails . Although more than a decade has passed since the comment about her private life, it is difficult to know if and how Rachel McAdams has access to digital connectivity. Some people even speculate about whether or not she has a Netflix account.

However, the fact is that the actress likes to preserve her image and keep her personal life separate from work, seeking to stay away from the tabloids and the great pressure of being exposed on the internet. The actress has a strong tendency to live far from the digital world, but at the same time, she does not deny her participation in the productions of Marvel Studios. She debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2016, playing the character Christine Palmer, the love of Stephen Stranger.

After six years, she returned to the role starring in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness  to play the same character in the regular universe and its variant, which plays a key role within the development of the protagonist and superhero. In addition to these works, McAdams lent his voice when working on episode four of the Disney Plus series, What if ?”. Even known for being absent from social networks, Rachael is willing to participate in the works that thousands of fans do not take their eyes off of her. Even if she runs away, her fans will always be looking for ways to stay closer to the star.

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