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Ubisoft Needs to Figure Out a Direction for Watch Dogs

The Watch Dogs series has had some identity crisis due to its three entries and Ubisoft needs to decide what it wants to do with the series.The Watch Dogs franchise has faced a major identity crisis over its three holdings. The series began in 2014 as a darker story about a guard trying to get revenge and has since transformed into a brutal open world game where the player controls literally everyone. No two entries in the series are alike the only thing that connects them is the hacking mechanic. Although the Watch Dogs series has provided some fun openworld ideas its in dire need of a clear direction.

The majority of franchises under Ubisoft have clear identities. The Assassins Creed franchise has brought players throughout history to fight the Templars the Far Cry series has given players sandboxes in the open world to wreak as much chaos as possible and the Tom Clancy brand has featured several Special Ops titles. While there have been differences in these specific titles with Assassins Creeds new RPG approach and the direction Ghost Recon has taken this series still maintains an appearance of similarity. On the other hand Watch Dogs has released a different type of game for each title and this makes it very difficult to know what the series is all about.

The evolution of watching dogs

In 2014 fans of the open world received the first entry in the Watch Dogs series. The game followed free pirate Aidan Pierce through the streets of Chicago. He went on a quest to avenge those responsible for the murder of his niece. The game was darker than later entries in the franchise and told a beautiful story with a futuristic backdrop. It introduced players to a new world and gave them control of a hacking mechanic that would turn the open world into their own playground.Watch Dogs 2 was released two years later and took the series in a different direction. Instead of continuing with Aidans story or telling another saga of bravery the series chose to go even more awesome.

The game replaced the gloomy streets of Chicago with the colorful San Francisco. The player took control of Marcus Holloway a man who just wanted to help eradicate ctOS along with DedSec. The story was more upbeat and the game introduced players to strange characters like Wrench. It seemed like a completely different game from the first with the only big connection being the evolution of the hacking mechanic and the dramatic storyline of the world. It was a huge departure from the rest of the franchise. Instead of controlling one main character Legion allowed players to control everyone. Each character is recruitable and has its own set of skills and backgrounds.

The story takes place in London and differs greatly from the previous two games in the series as there is no central character. The gameplay is wild and weird as the game pushes players to have fun with all the controllable NPCs. This entry in the series is unlike where the series began and that makes the identity crisis that emerged in Watch Dogs all too obvious.

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