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Two and a Half Men: What we suspected about Angus T Jones leaving the series

Two and a Half Men one of the most successful sitcoms of recent decades ran on CBS from 2003 until its conclusion in 2015 after 12 long seasons full of black humor. the staple of the show that starred Charlie Sheen Jon Cryer and Angus T Jones from the start.The series achieved impressive success. Two and a Half Men not only managed to capture the attention of millions of viewers around the world for its funny stories but also for the quality of interpretation of each of its characters who with their occurrences brought tons of laughter through the screens.Fans of Two and a Half Men were dismayed after Charlie Harpers interpreter Charlie Sheen abruptly departed at the end of season 8. However the comedy continued with Jon Cryer and Angus T Jones in the lead while Ashton Kutcher was arriving to join the cast to replace Sheen.Two and a Half Mens next outing was for Angus T Jones in Season 10 as Jake Harper Alans Jon Cryer son and Charlie Harpers nephew. The title character has been on the hit show for a decade since Jones was just a kid. But despite his sudden departure when he was 18 years old he returned for the final episode in 2015 while his absence was narrated causing him to join the army.

Viewers of Two and a Half Men watched Angus T Jones grow up alongside his character in the series created by Chuck Lorre. But his departure left many wondering why he left the CBS series. It turns out that as he got older on the sitcom Jake was given more adult stories. However these conflicted with the actors values. Specifically in Season 9 of Two and a Half Men Jake was portrayed as sexually active and a drug user. Following that installment Angus T Jones made headlines by denouncing the show that grew up with him calling it filth after a religious awakening.After playing Jake Harper in Two and a Half Men Angus T Jones has apparently retired from the screens. According to some reports the actor wanted to get away from his appearance on the CBS series and is now studying religion at the University of Colorado.

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