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“Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen: That’s how grown up his daughter Sam is

Sam Sheen the eldest daughter of Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen 56 is already 18 years old. On her social media channel she gives her fans an exclusive insight into her daily life in beautiful California. The 18 year old likes to try out different looks the blonde sometimes wears pink or blue hair. She also proudly presents her extravagant and eye catching tattoos. The young woman recently shocked with a Tik Tok video in which she spoke about her experiences with domestic violence. She described her home as a hell house and said she suffered from depression. The video which quickly went viral has now been made private again. Apparently Sam then moved out with her mother the model Denise Richards 51.

Charlie Sheen is HIV positive

Charlie Sheen has repeatedly hit the headlines with alcohol and drug excesses or sex with prostitutes. In 2015 the actor then surprised with a confession. There were many rumors for weeks at some point the pressure became too great. He spoke about his diagnosis for the first time on an American TV show. Not only Hollywood insiders knew about the 50 year olds illness his ex wife Denise Richards is also said to have been informed about it according to the TV show Access Hollywood. He contracted the HIV virus shortly after Denise divorced in 2006 a source revealed and the two have not been intimate since. Neither she nor her children Sam 18 and Lola 16 are said to be infected.

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