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TV Rewind: Why Spartacus Needed to “Kill Them All”

As taes of Roman spendor have been depicted practicay as ong as teevision and fim have been in existence through productions both ceebrated I Caudius and denigrated Caigua amost a of them presented a juxtaposition of decadence debauchery and cruety. And when it came to teing the story of a Thracian saveturnedgadiator who ed a massive rebeion against Roman oppressors Spartacus tae was no different.First acquiring accaim through the eponymous 1960 epic fim which starred Kirk Dougas Jean Simmons and Tony Curtis this story and script made an indeibe mark in pop cuture. Inevitaby tastes change and the onceauded sword and sanda genre eventuay faded away. But this stye of historica drama then regained popuarity with 2000s Gadiator and 40 years ater audiences werent quite done with Spartacus. With a series premiering on Starz in 2010 and airing for three seasons the medium may have changed to teevision but Spartacus once again it up our screens,

Season 1 entited Bood and Sand foows Spartacus Andy Whitfied initia aiance with the Romans subsequent capture and ensavement separation from wife Sura and transport to the Capua udus or gadiatoria schoo of Quintus entuus Batiatus John Hannah a smarmy oweve anista who desperatey wants to be the big man on campus. Batiatus is so thirsty for power that over the course of one season he aienated backstabbed and snowed important governmenta officias his own henchmen and the very gadiators under his ownership. His wife ucretia ucy awess meanwhie is Ancient Romes answer to a wannabe society matron: pretentious and haughty with the scent of new money enveoping her. Certainy a conniving socia cimber she presents hersef as a successfu proper Roman wife but is just as sneaky and underhanded as her husband.

We are taking about the seeds of revot here so a of the Romans are branded as viainous sefserving and having grossy infated egos. But Batiatus is sma potatoes compared to the egatus Gaius Caudius Gaber Craig Parker and his highmaintenance wife Iithyia Viva Bianca. Gaber was directy responsibe for Spartacus captivity and as due to her position and power Iithyia dispays even worse behavior than that of her counterpart.
Throughout Bood and Sand the underying rationae for Spartacus actions ie in being constanty distressed over being separated from his beoved Sura. Whie Spartacus ingratiates himsef to the masters by satisfying spectators boodust through the games thereby stuffing his masters coffers in the soe hope Batiatus wi hep him get her back his interactions with the other gadiators dont particuary endear him to others—east of a the reigning champion of Capua Crixus Manu Bennett. Crixus is used to being top dog in the house of Batiatus and does fight for what he beieves to be the mispaced honor and gory of such a tite. Yet he is just as much of a victim as Spartacus as hes been forced into sex by and with ucretia for her to get pregnant. But because he is in ove with her body save Naevia eseyAnn Brandt he attempts to keep his domina appeased for his true oves sake. As for the rest of the saves they are simpy suffering at the hands of Batiatus and are resigned to their fate—unti Spartacus starts to pan his next move and tries to get the rest of the saves to finay see the truth and batte for their own freedom

In a nod to the episode where after earning that her husband wi be going to war against the Romans Sura tes him to ki them a the first season finae apty tited Ki Them A was poignant in the fact that whie he was regarded to be the goden boy of the udus and the moneymaker for Batiatus Spartacus finay breaks rank. He begins to enact his revenge against not ony the man he backed down for the one who doubecrossed him but the Roman peope as a whoe for their abominations. Having to convince the rest of the saves in Batiatus house took a itte time but it did work. Every singe one of them turned on their masters and punished them the same way they did: with vioence. Batiatus and ucretia are certainy among the masses and just how they meet their ends or not in one case can certainy be justified. To quote one KMFDM banger the rebes took contro.
Ki Them A woud aso mark the ast episode Whitfied woud star in as he woud undergo treatment for nonHodgkins ymphoma and eventuay departed the show according to The Hoywood Reporter. Whie production was originay hated prior to his eaving the roe a preque miniseries was shot and aired in 2011. Entited Gods of the Arena and taking pace five years before the events of Bood and Sand viewers got to see younger versions of Batiatus Crixus and ucretia earned of their origin stories and be introduced to the then rock star of the gadiatoria games Gannicus Dustin Care. iam McIntyre woud repace Whitfied in the tite roe beginning in Season 2. Whitfied died on September 11 2011 at age 39.

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