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Trixie Mattel says she could have appeared on all winners season – but shes just too busy

Drag queen Trixie Mattel appears in a blue bathing suit as she sits on top of a surfboard in a sandy  Drag Race royalty Trixie Mattel says she is not disappointed at all to not compete on All Stars 7. Albert Sanchez Drag royalty social media star and musician Trixie Mattel may not be strutting down Ru Pauls Drag Race runway for the new all winners season – but she definitely could have been. When fans think of truly legendary queens that appeared on Drag Race Mattel is undoubtedly on the top of the list. The drag icon is best known for her original stint on Drag Race season seven and then absolute dominance on All Stars season three.

In her time since appearing on Drag Race Mattel has amassed a huge following across social media building herself a glorious empire of dedicated fans. Shes also appeared various times on screens starring in Netflix and World of Wonder series alongside fellow season seven queen Katya Zamolod chikova. Mattel truly cemented herself as a household name by broadening her reach and showing off her talents by dropped a brand spanking new music video launching her gorgeous makeup line Trixie Cosmetics and writing forthcoming second book alongside Katya.

Truly there is nothing that Trixie Mattel cant do. But Mattel tells Pink News that she sometimes runs out of days in the week with how busy she is. As such she didnt have time to join the cast of All Stars 7 – which will see the queen of queens rise to the top of the competition – despite getting a generous lovely invite to join the show. Mattel describes how she is very close to WOW and heard things coming down the pipeline about the new season. She says the opportunity was definitely available to me to appear on the show but she knew she was soon going on tour and working on her new reality series Trixie Motel.

When I left I said Can you promise me that youll invite me back for winners and they WOW said Yeah well invite you back she says. She says that isnt disappointed at all about not competing on Drag Race again but she is sad to miss out on doing Pit Stop because thats my Drag Race. I loved doing Pit Stop – it was like my favourite job Mattel says. So Im sad I cant do Pit Stop on the first All Stars winners. The drag legend is so busy that she didnt even have time to stop by the set of the new Barbie film starring Margot Robbie as the iconic Mattel doll. Trixie Mattel jokes that the film wouldnt feature the self proclaimed Skinny Legend as every bodys doing body positive now – so the true Mattel icon wont appear on the big screen.

They didnt want me influencing women poorly because you know when they will compare themselves to me tiny little waist huge breasts thick luscious hair full lips doelike eyes perfect skin Mattel gushes. She tells PinkNews that its now Robbies turn to take a crack at the lime light as she is significantly older now. This movie is more for every woman Mattel says. When you think Margot Robbie you think relatable – thats your mother grandmother aunt. She continues When you think of me youre like Oh god that hot girl from porn I watch. Its a little dissonant.

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