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Titans Tim Drake Actor Has Funny Response To Also Being In The Batman

Titans star Jay Lycurgo who portrays Tim Drake on the HBO Max drama has a funny response to also being in The Batman. The superhero and comic book genre has exploded over the last two decades on the big and small screen. With more superhero film franchises and TV shows than ever its not uncommon these days for actors to eventually show up in either two rivaling universes or to do two properties from the same brand. One of the actors to have done that is Jay Lycurgo who joined Titans season 3 as Tim Drake who is one of the most famous Robins in the DC Universe.Tim came in at the start of Titans season 3 being not only a big Batman fan but also an individual who wanted to suit up himself. Being aware of the impact Robin has in the Dark Knights crusade Tim dreamed of becoming the next Boy Wonder. While Lycurgo was cast in January 2021 for the DC drama the young actor had already enjoyed a taste of being involved with the DC Universe. Prior to landing the massive TV role Lycurgo had a small part in Matt Reeves The Batman. In the movie he plays a young gang member looking on in fear as Robert Pattinsons Caped Crusader beats up one of the other members.

Following The Batmans theatrical release and recent arrival on HBO Max fans of both Titans and the 2022 film have gotten to see Lycurgo in both universes. As fans have seen both of his characters the actor is getting some fun responses on social media. When responding to a side by side comparison Lycurgo had quite the humorous answer due to the fact that both of his roles were characters who are from Gotham City which can be seen below While The Batman only lists Lycurgo as Train Gang Young Member the character stood out among the rest of the group. The Titans star shows up toward the beginning of The Batman when he is being pushed by the gang to assault a Gotham citizen likely as some sort of initiation tactic. Even though he didnt have many lines Lycurgos character showed a lot of reluctance in wanting to go through with it which is when Pattinsons Bruce Wayne shows up at the last second. In the end Lycurgos character didnt have to cross a line as he took off after Batmans confrontation.

While The Batman and Titans arent tied to one another it was still fun to see Lycurgo in the respective universes. Titans season 4 is currently shooting in Toronto Canada with Tim becoming a member of the team after the events of the season 3 finale. While the creative team is staying quiet on most of the storylines coming up next season it does look like Titans is getting ready to take a major step forward with Tim. A new image from Titans season 4 teases that Tim will be taking on the Robin mantle becoming the shows third Boy Wonder which will be a huge arc in itself.Titans seasons 1 to 3 and The Batman are both currently available to stream exclusively on HBO Max.

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